Telemark Winter Wonderland

Buzy times lately, but after finishing exams, driving 1000 km up to Northern Sweden, preparing and celebrating a peaceful Christmas and New Year with my son – it is time to return and slow down a bit in my and puppy’s cosy cabin in Telemark. When we left it we had a wonderful winter wonderland as shown in my video below.. and lots of FUN indeed as you can see, with just a bob and looong downhills.  Now we want more, let’s go! 😀

I promise I WILL be back with lots of travel posts and tips for you, when time allows it in between duties! 😀 

And.. I want to wish you the very best for year 2020!


Svartvatnet Lake hike in Lofoten

I wanted to avoid windy and fog covered peaks this day, so a hike up to Svartvatnet lake turned out to be a very good choice when the wind comes from southwest… but don’t forget that no wind means more damn mosquito’s 😮

We took the same way as we did last year hiking up to Solbjørnvatnet lake. Arriving at the lake me and puppy followed the trail to the left (instead of to the right) this time.Svartvatnet lake hike Lofoten landscape easy hiking lapphund


Looking towards Solbjørnvatnet lakeSvartvatnet lake solbjornvatnet hike Lofoten landscape easy hiking lapphund


It is possible to follow a trail along one side of Svartvatnet lake – where we also spotted some nice potential camp spots. We turned when reaching a little river, but the trail seems to be continued.  Svartvatnet lake Lofoten solbjornvatnet landscape easy trail hiking lapphund


Still ice on the lake, so a very refreshing dip is possible. But I was very satisfied with this mirroring lake view – in between these mountains we where well protected from the wind, but not from the mosquito’s 😀Svartvatnet lake Lofoten solbjornvatnet landscape easy hiking lapphund


I have created a simple map to show you where to go. (Klick on it to enlarge)  

If you have any questions regarding this hike – let me know 🙂

Nordlandsbanen railway journey in North Norway

I love travel by train in Norway, especially long distance railway where you are guaranteed an overdose of scenic landscapes both under, over, in between and straight through the Norwegian mountain world.

I have often travelled by the beautiful Bergensbanen and Raumabanen, and last summer I finally got the chance to travel both ways with the lengthy Nordlandsbanen (Nordland Railway) together with my dear puppy dog.

After finishing my work season in Lofoten I and puppy took a rolling and stormy ride with the ferry from Moskenes to Bodø where the night train along Nordlandsbanen was waiting us.

This railway train are solid, comfortable and always on time departing twice a day all year round. The train crew are very helpful and friendly – it’s not expensive either, from Trondheim to Bodø ((10 hours/729km)) for me and puppy on the morning train costs 45 EURO, and if you are lucky the free wifi Internet works too 😀

nordlandsbanen train trip norther norway railway travel dog

On the night train back I slept in my train chair (the sleepers don’t allow pets) and puppy slept on her plaid on the floor. You can collect a freesleeping package” from the train’s NSB Kafé which includes a nice fleece blanket, ear plugs and a blindfold – and we both fell asleep for most of that night after passing the Polar circle …again.

My sleeping beauty – I asked the train crew when the longest train stops occurred to let her out for a peenordlandsbanen night train trip norther norway railway travel lapphund dog


Please find seasonal/minute by minute inspiration in this beautiful NRK/NSB video of Nordlandsbanen:

10 hours later: Next morning we wake up in Trondheim where a couple of hours with the corresponding morning train to Otta is waiting. A spontanious dog meeting was on that morning, so very nice to meet other traveling pets and their superfriendly owners.


The helpful bus driver took us from Otta station and up the serpentine roads I biked up last year, and this time it was pretty luxurious to just sit there and enjoy the awesome views without any effort.. for once. We got off at Mususæter and breathed in that fresh mountain air.


The two last kilometers towards my little paradise me and puppy walked while I rolled my bags and large suitcase on my kickbike (I used it to get to/from work in Lofoten), as small suitcase wheels are simply not made for gravel. I guess we where an odd, colorful and noisy procession along that peaceful mountain road.

Then finally we arrived to our goal – that very same mountain pasture in Rondane I had last year.. now I was really looking forward to spend 4 nights here, this time together with my happy puppy.

So wonderful to finally be back here, settle down by the fireplace and plan for an absolutely breathtaking mountain climb the very next day!Mysusaeter seterhytte by the fire relax Norwegian socks mountain cabin

Will be continued……

For more information and travel video of the Nordlandsbanen – visit this link at NSB (in English)

Tafjordfjella hikes

The latest weeks I have enjoyed several hikes in parts of Tafjordfjella. The following three hikes are all easily reachable during a day hike, but can be continued to wherever you choose to go into “fjellheimen” for days. I have also linked to some maps and detailed information from other hikers at Ut.NoStikkut and Peakbook in case you  want maps or more detailed information.


Like a painting: Reindalen is a beautiful valley, and by following the trail along Langevatnet lake you will get to Reindalseter. From here you can choose from several well marked trails and mountain cabin’s to hike. Tafjordfjella tafjord norddal reindalseter


As you can see Reindalen is a beautiful mountain valley where you also find DNT’s cabin Reindalseter that are manned during summer time. To get there I bicycled from Tafjord and up to Gamlevegen where I usually park the bicycle in the woods.(I use this old trail to avoid the tunnel)

Then I walked up Gamlevegen to the farm Øyna, continued up to and along Zackariasvatnet (here you can park your car if you drive) and continued on a marked trail crossing the waterfall Reindalsfossen and then steeper up to Reindalen. At the end of the lake is Reindalseter where cauliflower soup, svele and a chilled cider was on my menu.

Tip: In this valley you can visit a 1000 years old protected pine tree.

At Reindalseter I found myself in good company with other happy hikers and this adooorable doggy ..thank’s for nicely blurring my camera lens with your wet nose buddy…reindalsetra tafjordfjella turhund hiking photo liss myraas



Flyene is another great day hike, nice trail and easy ascent with an awesome view point. Again I bicycled from Tafjord up to Kaldhusseter cabin (600 masl). (You can also start the hike from the Stikkut sign post a bit earlier on the road upwards). I parked the bicycle at the cabin and hiked along a nice trail for about 90 minutes to Flyene view point.

From Flyene you have great views of Tafjorden, Onilsavatnet, Kallskaregga, Breinosa etcFlyene tafjordfjella hike panorama norway fjord landscapes photo liss myraas


Returning from Flyene you can choose to go down again the same way towards Kaldhusseter (as I did) – or continue on the trail towards Zakariasdammen… the views are is still awesome until you reach the forest.

flyene hiking tafjord mountains panoramic view kaldhussetra



Hiking up from the Tafjord side the first part of this trail is a lil’ mini-hell when the weather is damp .. wet grass and bushes, steeper slippery parts with stones, roots and boggy, and even worse going down again. But once you get out of the bush everything is forgotten and forgiven.. for a while 😉

Finally up at Kallskaret with it’s cool famous moon landscape I found several more or less visible trails leading upwards to Kallskaregga ridge. Right before ascending to the highest point I decided to return due to the thick fog coming in. Otherwise it is fully possible to find several trails in various directions from this ridge for longer hikes.

Starting ascending up to Kallskaregga and the view already is magnificent – but on my way back I could see absolutely nothing here thank’s to the fog, so take pictures while you can while hiking.DCIM100GOPROG0090407.


Afternoon break with a view towards the highest point (1428 masl) on the Kallskaregga ridge. I love hiking along mountain ridges – and this nice ridge is no exception with it’s great views – if only the fog didn’t start to well in and hide everything. On my returen the fog was covering everything down to about 800 meters.kallskaregga kallskaret hiking norway mountains tafjord photo liss myraas


Bergensbanen: Hardangervidda, Rallarvegen and salmon fishing

Ja när solen äntligen kikade fram för allvar var det dags att ta sig över fjällen till andra sidan av landet. Tåg är oftast riktigt mysigt, så det var ett enkelt val (och så slapp jag ju flyga) – dock är resan en något fröjdsam tortyr eftersom Bergensbanen (från Bergen till Oslo) alltid bjuder på sjukt fina vyer och storslagen natur hela vägen fram så att seja – och är av många klassad som en av världens vackraste järnvegar. Tidigare brukade jag åka denna vägen med min då lilla son (och även katten), fast denna gång fick man sitta still alldeles själv och bara glo..hi..hi

Ja det ända man kan göra är att sitta med näsan tryckt emot tågfönstret och kämpa mot lusten att hoppa av och cykla på Rallarvegen eller bara vandra runt på  Hardangervidda, men detta får man visst ha till godo tills nesta gång man e hemma igen.  Lite bilder kan man bjuda på från sträckan längs Bergensbanen – och några nyttiga länktips finns längre ner på sidan för den som planerar åka till dessa fantastiska trakter nån gång.

Liss ferjo te Halhjem bergen
Morgonsolen värmer extra gott efter en vecka i gråsonen – här på väg över fjorden från ön mot Bergen och Bergensbanen


Rallarvegen är något de flesta cykelglada kan njuta av på egen hand eller med familjen – man tältar eller sover i stugor/högfjällshotel (om man har råd). Det går också att hyra cykel + utrustning om man vill slippa ta med själv. Man kan vid behov ta med cykeln på tåget om det finns plats.  (Glöm inte att det också kan finna snö på vissa delar av vägen även om sommaren).

Rallarvegen Norge lissfit
Någonstans längsmed Rallarvegen


Någonstans över Hardangervidda knep jag det här måleriska fotot – otroligt att vissa bilder blir så bra med bara en fjuttig mobiltelefon!

Hardangervidda fjell vann lissfit


Finse station hoppade jag av toget en snabbis och pratade med några Rallar-cyklister (inte dem på bilden) – denna dag fanns det inte plats till deras cyklar på toget tillbaka igen, så de fick cykla en dag extra, men de verkade inte så trisa för det nej

Rallarvegen Finse
Rallar-cyklister med Finsehytta i bakgrunden.


Glittrande Finsevatnet och ett skymt av Hardangerjøkulen glaciär

Finsevatnet Hardangerjøkulen


Här skulle man vilja rafta!

Norway Bergensbanen lissfit
Starka strömmar



Jag lovade att tipsa de laxfrälsta om ett finfint ställe man kan fiska lax. Stället heter Matre som ligger i Kvinnherad. Vi brukade antingen ta oss dit med privat båt och övernattade såklart i båten, annars går det också bra att ta sig dit via bilvägen och ev sova i tält. Vi gjorde båda i de dagar jag bara var “fjortis” – och jag kommer alldrig glömma hur trollsk vackert det var att glida med båten inöver blickstilla fjordar bland grönklädda berg och tända en brasa, supa kaffe och retas tills fisken nappade.

Här kan man stå uppe på en kulle och kika ner på laxen som simmar där vattnet forsar ut från berget under sjön – där fick man då ALLTID lax, och det verkar fortfarande vara ett bra fiskställe. Det ligger mellan välkända natursköna Rosendal och Skånevik. (Kolla google-maps).


Bra länkar för dig som planerar att kika inom Vestlandet:


Nesta gång jag e hemma igen på Vestlandet m/omegn hoppas jag kunna ge er ännu mer information om vad som e riktigt kul att göra i dessa trakter – får man hoppas på mera sol då? 😉