Crochet sweater

Finally I have made my very first crochet sweater.! It is an easy and cropped one with long arms.. and sooo soft! But of course not at all perfect – I can see several things to do better next time. But it is a learning process where I’m getting ready to create my dream crochet sweater from a beautiful yarn already waiting in my yarn closet for a while. Warm and cosy autumn evenings for crocheting are very welcome.

crochet sweater handmade yarn rib marble hook

Through all summer I have not touched a crochet hook at all, but the fingers have been itching for it alright, that’s for sure. Working and hiking in Lofoten took up all time  – and when I came home again after a great summer in Norway, a lot of big and small things had to be finished before “continuing as normal” again. So dear readers, I have not forgotten my blog, it just comes last when I have to prioritize.


So, this weekend I and puppy did a windy and chilly walk along Långnäset headland (near Östalbodarna in Myckelgensjö) in beautiful autumn colours, and shot some photos of my “very late summer sweater”, while puppy freely could run around like a craze.

Perhaps a bit too cold for an exposed boat neck line and cropped waist these days, but still a thick warming sweater where it covers. Looking so much forward to make another one, maybe with a bit longer waistline next time.. and more suitable for use in autumn/winter.

Crochet wool mittens

I’m hooked, addicted and already have a long list of what I plan to create with my smoking hot crochet needles. Preferably I want to create things that somehow can be useful and used, and not only for decoration, and when possible use natural materials.. but there will always be exceptions, I know myself.

Well, my second homemade piece of creation is finally done, so yes, I DO find some time between daily challenges, motherhood, animals, studies, work and workouts: a couple of warm mittens, crocheted, felted, blocked and decorated with som simple stitches I have learned online.

The result before and after the process of washing, felting, blocking, drying and simple stitch decoration. Before the felting the mittens had size big, but the felting also shrink them to fit my hands.

Only a couple of weeks ago I was wondering why the heck these crazy “knitting aunties” where showing off with pics of theirs big stocks of colorful yarns online (but well hidden from their husbands).. and now I fully understand them… shopping for yarns both off- and online is like going without food for 3 days and then walk right into a delicious candy shop.. the colours. oh my goood the colours! yummy ..ha..ha

Simple stitches, but I think they give the mittens some life and extra charmcrochet mittens votter hanskar ull woollen handmade firewood cotton

I prefer mittens felted so they get warmer, tighter and more wind resistant. The transitions will also look a bit smoother. These mittens are pretty quick to make with the chunky Eskimo wool yarn – but waiting for ordered yarn supplies in the middle of a piece of work feels like a million years when you need it right away!.. kind of..

No wood chippings in my hands while sorting/collecting firewood in my barn, and no icy fingers in the ice-cold wind today – the felted mittens takes care of it!crochet mittens votter hanskar ull cleaning wool handmade snow marius kofte norwegian tradition heklevotter örnsköldsvik


Washing/cleansing wool:

These mittens will do fine by washing them carefully by hand in water, form and dry flat. But after I used them to gather some firewood in my barn today, they got full of filth and small clinging bark crumbs, that just don’t look nice. So….crochet mittens votter hanskar ull cleaning wool handmade snow marius kofte norwegian tradition

… I just went outdoor and simply rubbed the mittens in between some fresh snow, the wool will try to repel the water and apparently the filth too .. afterwords the mittens looked new again.

This is a bit similar to an old trick people used to do (and still do) – washing their wool rugs in powder snow. It actually sounds logic to do a natural cleansing of natural material doesn’t it? I have used this trick this snowy winter on other carpet materials I have ..and it worked out ok too! Read how you can do it here. 

Now, see you later guys – I have a ball of wool to save from my curious cats 😀

Handmade crochet beanie of pure wool

It’s not perfect, it’s not for all, and it’s not exactly super fashionable, but it’s my own “haute couture”- and my very own first handmade garment, so I’m a lil’ bit proud today. I made this beanie of 100 % natural unprocessed wool yarn and it brought out a very special delight to plan, create and finish a piece of handwork on my own.

A white detachable and fluffy pompom as a finishing touch on the beanie top. I bet Jenta want’s to chew on it. lapphund woolk beanie handmade felted tovning tovet

Lapphund and handmade wool beanie

In Norway we have a long tradition of making good food and clothes from sheep ... (that is probable why it sounds crazy that here in Sweden they burn/throws away over 1500 tons of wool every year, wich is not ok!). Wool can be used in several other ways than just yarn i e fillings, isolation etc), and considering the displacement of our carnivores in benefit for the sheep, I think we are obligated to at least use the whole animal, and not waste most of it. Well, that was today’s politics..  😀

So, who hasn’t admired the beautiful handmade wool cardigans (kofter) in various Norwegian patterns? I have several of them myself – and have room for more, but maybe on day I can knit my own instead? So I decided to first learn myself the art of crocheting and how to read patterns… and just take it from here..

The supplementary stitches in natural white may not perfectly made, but my very first, to my defence 🙂wool beanie handmade ullue heklet crochet stiched winter pompom

As a newbie I think it was smart to start with a chunky and feltable wool yarn like Eskimo, as the felting process would let me shape and hide beginner mistakes a bit easier. It is also a bit quicker to finish up too. Below you can se my beanie before washing, felting and blocking it…. see any difference?

Before felting: The pompom was of course detached before the washing, felting and blocking process

A selfie lying in the snow – the wool pattern looks ok now, keeps the snow, wind and chill out.. what more can you require from a beanie ..oh, that’s actually smells good too... mmmm.. and by the way, my old jacket here is also of 100 % wool, still going strong…  norrland handarbete virka mössa crochet

Handmade crochet beaniePeaceful learning?? I must admit.. the first two days I was struggling and swearing a lot when learning myself this handicraft … but “suddenly” I got the hang of it and all I wanted was to find some peaceful moments to just sit down and work on my first beanie… and put up a sign with “do not disturb” ..ha..ha

It really gives a well needed inner calm and a wellness feeling to just sit down and create… a bit fascinated to see that I have created some nice patterns… or may be I’m just getting old enough to appreciate moments like this more – here in Sweden they just call it “tantvarning” 😀

It started to snow a bit as you can see …I really like this place a lot, and yesterday I took a walk with my lovely lapphund dog here while doing some beanie-shots too… wool beanie handmade ull heklet crochet pompom virkat winter landscape


For the beanie I used:

  • Yarn: DROPS Eskimo 100 % thick pure wool – Natural and Beige colours
  • Crochet needle: 8,0mm
  • Wool needle for stitches
  • Detachable synthetic pompom (or make your own in wool)

Felting process: With the wool yarn quality type in mind (chunky Eskimo) I washed the beanie gentle by hand in wool detergent, and felted it carefully in the tumble-drier to make it more compact and tighter. I blocked it/shaped it/stretched it with needles on a paper plate during the night. Very pleased with the result.

If you have any questions regarding my beanie, just ask. I have already started on my next li’l project, so don’t stay away too long …  🙂

garn yarn eskimo crochet pure wool beanie handmade handcrafted

I love this soft, chunky ans environmentally friendly Eskimo wool yarn (Oeko-Tex® certificated