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Nordlandsbanen railway journey in North Norway

I love travel by train in Norway, especially long distance railway where you are guaranteed an overdose of scenic landscapes both under, over, in between and straight through the Norwegian mountain world. I have often travelled by the beautiful Bergensbanen and Raumabanen, and last summer I finally got the chance to travel both ways with the … Continue reading Nordlandsbanen railway journey in North Norway

Ryten hike in Lofoten

This hike includes spectacular views to the beautiful Kvalvika beach, with a possibility to make a roundtrip to walk along that tempting beach on a very hot day. But don't expect to be alone up her in high season. On our way up to Ryten we did a "lil detour" to visit Fredvangshytta cabin, it's tiny shed … Continue reading Ryten hike in Lofoten

Dovre fishing Vålåsjøen lake Dovrefjell mountains landscape

Biking, Hiking and Fishing Tour from Norway to Sweden

For the third time I was ready to start my lil' solo bicycle tour after finishing my seasonal summer work in Tafjord, Norway. This year I planned to bicycle from Tafjord to Östersund in Sweden. I had a final date to keep to be home, but to avoid stressing  (after all this was my little vacation … Continue reading Biking, Hiking and Fishing Tour from Norway to Sweden

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Top 5 outdoor activities along Tafjorden, Norway

The list could be so much longer of course, but I have shortened it down to my 5 favourite adventures from last summer while working at the power- and avalanche center.  There are still stuff I want to do here, but time will tell. Let's take a look at some relatively easy/moderate activities  - all of them situated … Continue reading Top 5 outdoor activities along Tafjorden, Norway

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Hiking Sunndalen mountain valley

At first I thought this mountain valley hike would become the most dull and grey one, but it turned out absolutely magnificent! It would also be my very last hike in the spectacular Jostedalsbreen National Park and Stryn area before I leaving for next work and new outdoor adventures . I only met 2 hikers on … Continue reading Hiking Sunndalen mountain valley

Loen via ferrata norway climb

Via Ferrata Loen

Shortly before the second bicycle tour from Oppstryn to Loen I found my bicycle punctured by a push-pin, and I had no mending-kit available at that time. But the very kind cabin landlord saved my sorry ass by lending me her own bicycle - as she knew I had booked a climb up the famous Loen Via … Continue reading Via Ferrata Loen

Visit Stryn of Norway

So, there I was once again for the 3. summer, lashing my heavy packed bicycle in the car cargo room on Hurtigruten from Bergen. This time I spent only 1 night at MS NordNorge, and early next morning (devastated to miss that delicious breakfast-buffè onboard though) I disembarked at Måløy with my packed bicyckle and continued … Continue reading Visit Stryn of Norway

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Travel highlights and hidden gems of Norway

Are you already planning and ponder where to go this summer in Norway? Oh yes, there is SO MUCH to choose from - I know! So keep on reading and have a look to be inspired! Talking about hidden gems. If you pay attention (and hopefully don't just speed hike only to brag "Been there, Done … Continue reading Travel highlights and hidden gems of Norway

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Madeira travel and hike

Yet another solo budget travel is recently done! Spectacular landscapes are affordable for all to joint if you use your head just a lil' bit before booking your travel. I will very soon get back to you with some of my own advice for inspiration when you want to save money when travelling... cuz most of us … Continue reading Madeira travel and hike


Sitting here in Narvik this evening with stars in my eyes looking back at the last weeks adventure along Lofoten. I almost can't believe how wonderful these days have been stuffed with lovely people, hard work, relax, wild camping and biking/hiking in absolutely godsmacking scenarios. Selfie: From yesterday's wild camping spot with a view       … Continue reading Lofoten

Norway Bike Hike (Part 2): Galdhøpiggen and Jotunheimen

So the bike tour continued to roll. I fully enjoyed this feeling of freedom with no obligations, no time to keep and no strict plan. I made a lot of stops, mostly because I was not able to shut down my always observing "photoeye" - everything is interesting! Just like during my warmup bikehike-tour to … Continue reading Norway Bike Hike (Part 2): Galdhøpiggen and Jotunheimen

Norway Bike Hike (Part 1): Geiranger and Norddal

The goal was neither to go highest, deepest, fastest, furthest or toughest - I would bike, hike and rest whenever and wherever I wanted - no stress - just be!  Finally the time had come for my very own "10-day-moment" and my trek bike was packed and ready to roll on a roadtrip. The Norwegian highway … Continue reading Norway Bike Hike (Part 1): Geiranger and Norddal

♥ Ryssland, Mt. Elbrus och Kaukasus ♥

Jaddå har man fått vila några dagar och smält de otaliga upplevelserna efter hemkomsten från en alldeles fantastisk resa i Ryssland och Kaukasus. Känner mig verkligen lyckligt lottad som fått träffa så många underbara människor, njutit av team-kokerskans lokala välsmakande mat gjort med hjärtat på rätt ställe ... och inte minst... den storslagna naturen som … Continue reading ♥ Ryssland, Mt. Elbrus och Kaukasus ♥

Pics: Vinterlig julstämning i Bad Gastein och Salzburg

Då var vi väl hemma igen från skidresan.. men längtar redan tillbaka igen. Sjukt härligt att välja något annat än ett typisk sol & bad-semester - och mycket mer aktivt dagarna långa! 😀 Korta och billiga flygresor finns ju också att få tag på - och värmen , ja den finns ju i de naturliga … Continue reading Pics: Vinterlig julstämning i Bad Gastein och Salzburg

London Shopping, Ozzfest och Jack The Ripper Walk

Så var vi tillbaka i vardagen igen här i ett gråregnigt Västerås..  saknar redan att gå runt i den hektiska storstan och bara kika på allt coolt som finns där .. det blev lixom så himla stilla nu 😕 Man hade ju lust å att göra och uppleva så mycket där, men vi hann väl … Continue reading London Shopping, Ozzfest och Jack The Ripper Walk

❤ Sardinia ❤

Buonasera amici miei! Ja just nu njuter vi livet på den härliga italienska ön Sardinien. Dieten är satt på "on-hold" - man har inte en chans emot den läckra maten Sardinien är känf för  ;o)  Bjuder på några snabbilder från de senaste dagarna, många fler bilder (175 st)  finns nu i våran Fotoalbum ❤ Sardinia … Continue reading ❤ Sardinia ❤

Tillbaka i winter wonderland

Bild från vår balkong kvällen innan vi åkte på julsemester - en kyligt vacker solnedgång: Hej på er gottfolk! Och tack så mycket för alla mysiga julhälsningar ni har skrivit! 😀 Här hemma verkar ni haft ett riktigt härligt julfirande i ett kallt och vackert winterwonderland. Själva har vi precis kommit hem från en milt … Continue reading Tillbaka i winter wonderland

Galet skönt i Budapest

Igår kväll kom vi hem från en galet skön långweekend i härliga Budapest... ett axplock med bilder samt lite kommentarer från helgen i Budapest kan vi såklart bjuda på som lovat. Resten av bilderna håller på att laddas upp i ett par album online - länkarna finns längst nere i det här inlägget. Budapest by … Continue reading Galet skönt i Budapest