Natural backstop for archery target

Practising with my compound bow has not been a priority lately, but after recently ordering home a very simple target board with an even simpler tree stand (4 sticks and thick styrofoam), I of course had to get out and try it out yesterday.

My main hindrance for now is that when an arrow misses the target board (yeees, it happens alright!) – it hit’s the hard wood behind the target and the tip gets damaged, and composite arrows like this are pretty expensive to order. So I need to get a suitable backstop net to mount up somewhere in my backyard. Hay balls would do good right here, but are not so movable, so hey.. until then I have found an alternative temporary solution – hardpacked snow piles.

Hit the target – or find 5 arrows!  archery compound bow arrow target pilfång bågskytte bueskyter

Due to the exceptional amount of snow this year I finally had to call a guy I know in the area to clear away some of the snow masses with his snow fighting vehicle .. and now I simply use these big packed half-frozen snow piles as natural backstop arrow catchers – they will not get through the masses and hit the local fox or anyone else…

My dog and cats are probable also grateful for some help too..and very curious.. let’s bring him in for coffee!finsk lapphund devon rex cat dog snow window

Digging for arrows in the snow piles behind the target is fine long as the arrows have neon colours and screaming to be found..bågskytte compound bow camouflage target arrow bueskyting

We are expecting 3 days of blizzard up here in north of  Sweden, and it’s already on – so I guess my natural backstop snow piles are here to stay for a while, it’s a good thing they can do some use at least 😀

Archery practice

compound archer target outdoor bågeskytte bueskyting liss myrås


Nope, no Easter vacation for this working girl. But in-between deadlines I got out for a nice run and a bike trip in the warming beams from the Easter sun. But most fun of all I and a friend went to a shooting range to practise some archery again and also try to tune the aiming mechanism correctly on my compound bow.

There has not been too much of shooting practice lately due to lack of time, but now I found a far better place to shoot that hopefully will work as an extra “carrot” to get myself out to that target range.

Perhaps not the easiest activity to “self learn” – but it is certainly not the first time I learn myself through patience, practice and pure curiosity thirstcompound archer outdoor bågeskytte bueskyting liss myrås


Oh, just for the record folks … I DID hit my target several times when I only aimed “by sensing” – hoo-hah! But, still not “spot-on”, so let’s hope I find some wisdom about this until next time  😀

Trigger-happy med 44 Magnum

I födelsedagspresent utmanade jag min pojkvän till en pistolduell vid en skjutbana i Stockholm (smygbakade ju såklart mig själv in i presenten..ho ho..) och igår blev det äntligen dags att ta sig dit och trycka av :mrgreen:

Tycker det känndes extra kul att ge en upplevelsespresent istället för prylar – och det blev mycket uppskattad! Vi hade riktigt kul tillsammans på skjutbanan där vi började med kaliber .22 och .38 samt 10 skott med 9mm tjänstevapen (Glock).

Så fick alla avsluta med att smälla av några skott med  357 Magnum och the king 44 Magnum – holy moly vilka drön! Brutalt! (hörs tyvärr inte i videon).. och vilken rysning det gav att skjuta med dessa kraftiga revolvers – Dirty Harry deLuxe! ..hi..hi.  Ja dit kommer vi åka flera gånger 😀

Blev en liten videdosnutt också – lite tråkig kameravinkel kanske, men man får ju vara försiktig på ett sånt ställe och inte ställa kameran ivägen för de andra;

Upplevelsespresenten hittade jag på där födelsedagsbarnet får hemskickat sin present/utmaning i en snyggt kuvert. Finns massor av coola upplevelser att välja på där. Fast nesta gång går vi direkt till arrangören – blir ju lite billigare då 😉

Tidigare relaterade inlägg: Skjutning och rappelling sista stunthelgen

Harry Callahan: I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?