Top 5 outdoor activities along Tafjorden, Norway

The list could be so much longer of course, but I have shortened it down to my 5 favourite adventures from last summer while working at the power- and avalanche center.  There are still stuff I want to do here, but time will tell. Let’s take a look at some relatively easy/moderate activities  – all of them situated along the beautiful Tafjorden.

My very first morning back in Tafjord on my way to work. My visit in Rondane had come to an end – and the return bicycle trip went by Langvatnet, Djupvasshytta, Geiranger, up Ørnevegen Eagle Road, Eidsdal,  ferry to Valldal and then the tunnels to Tafjord) …a cold, wet and windy bicycle ride, but so nice to get back to the place I feel is like a second home! Tafjord Tafjordfjella Tafjorden

 Tafjorden and Valldalen is a great outdoor area where people come to experience climbing, skiing, hiking, rafting, kayaking etc in spectacular fjord and mountain surroundings. Situated between the famous Trollstigen and Geiranger you can be sure this area will give you great adventure memories!

I ex. why not challenge yourself by rappelling down the 95 meter high dam wall Zackariasdammen, enjoy various water sports in the wild river Valldøla or just recharge your batteries with some easier and traditional hiking activities – everything with lots of fresh air and absolutely magnificent views!


Tafjordsætra and Muldalsfossen waterfall– (2 in 1 hike)

Trail to Muldalsfossen viewpointmuldalen trail sti steep bratt utsikt viewpoint muldalsfossen


On this hike you will see a lot if you decide to go both places in one day. Shortly after the tunnel Heggurtunnelen you will find a parking and information borders to the left. Hike up the 13 hair pin bends (30 -40 minutes?) on a nice trail from the road.

At the bridge at Muldalen farm you can choose to do a shorter detour to see Muldalsfossen waterfall from its viewpoint – it’s one of the highest single drop waterfalls in Norway. You have to cross the bridge and walk straight through the farm to find the marked path. Note! It has pretty exposed sections, mostly fenced, but just be careful. Last year a second foreign visitor tragic fell to his death at the top area of the waterfall, but if you keep to the trails you will be fine!!

Tafjordsetratafjordsetra trails muldalssetra muldalen landscape hiking seter cabins easy hike


From the bridge (don’t forget to sign your autograph in the visitor book in the box here) you can also continue for about 40 minutes into Tafjordsætra/Muldalsætra. A very peaceful and beautiful mountain pasture I often hike to, climb up on one of the large stone blocks there and just chill! From here it is possible to choose several marked DNT-trails into the mountain world of Tafjordfjella



Picturesque views indeed….tafjordfjella fjords utsikt paniramic view mountain pasture seter klovset valldalen landscape

Drive or bicycle up the serpentine road from the center of Valldalen. From the parking lot there are a short way to walk to get to the mountain pasture. The place is still in use (there is also an outhouse along the short trail from the parking area).

Take a stroll around to enjoy the adorable fjord- and mountain views, or continue on several marked trails further upwards. I took my visiting friends up here, and I think they adore it as much as I do.


Mefjellet and Hegguraksla (2 in 1 hike)

Sheep with a view from Nysetranysetra nysaetra hiking fjords mountains valldal tafjorden cabins seter mountain pasture visit norway travel

Starting point from Fjøra. Drive up the serpentine road (or bicycle up, I can promise you a calm and cosy road upwards) until you get to a farm and a marked parking area. From here you will first hike up to beautiful Nysætra on a nice forest road.

If you choose the trail to Mefjellet you will have a moderate hike up to the peak (1 088 masl) with really awesome views at the top. It is possible to continue on marked trails further into the mountains if you are looking for a longer hike.

Hiking over Hegguraksla

If you choose the trail towards Heggurdalen you will mostly get an easy but interesting hike. Up here you can also hike along the edge with a vertical rock face diving straight into Tafjorden. (it is possible to avoid this exposed part by keeping to the inner trail). You will also see the control equipment monitoring the unstable massif Hegguraksla. I think this is very interesting since it’s also connected to my work place.


Fishing in Tafjorden

Fishing dinner – such a calming way to get some fresh food… love ittafjord fishing mackarel

My favourite peaceful activity after a day at work, just jump on my bicycle and bike 10 minutes to the bay (Situated below Muldalen). Sitting there on the bare rock in the afternoon sun with these wonderful views are absolutely thrilling. Sometimes the bay is just bubbling with porpoises, mackerel and herring.

I usually get a couple of mackerel, fat healthy fish totally for free!  It was a pleasure to invite my visiting friends from Sweden on fresh fish dinner directly from the sea. Several places near the road along Tafjorden are good for fishing, it is also possible to rent a rowing boat (incl outboard motor) from the camping site and float around on the fjord.


Sea kayaking along Tafjorden

tafjorden kayak kayaking paddling sea kajakk outdoor activity valldal

A good friend working for an outdoor company invited me on a kayak trip on Tafjorden. I have been kayaking in Sweden and Slovenia earlier, but this was just something special. In a beautiful fjord, surrounded by mountains.. for a raised islander like me I guess nothing really beats the smell of fresh seawater! Why not  do a kayak trip across the fjord and visit a mountain pasture or cabin?  If this is a bit to peaceful , you can instead join the rafting in Valldøla.


Missing something? Try some of my earlier outdoor activities around this area 

Any questions? You are welcome to ask 🙂

Tafjordfjella hikes

The latest weeks I have enjoyed several hikes in parts of Tafjordfjella. The following three hikes are all easily reachable during a day hike, but can be continued to wherever you choose to go into “fjellheimen” for days. I have also linked to some maps and detailed information from other hikers at Ut.NoStikkut and Peakbook in case you  want maps or more detailed information.


Like a painting: Reindalen is a beautiful valley, and by following the trail along Langevatnet lake you will get to Reindalseter. From here you can choose from several well marked trails and mountain cabin’s to hike. Tafjordfjella tafjord norddal reindalseter


As you can see Reindalen is a beautiful mountain valley where you also find DNT’s cabin Reindalseter that are manned during summer time. To get there I bicycled from Tafjord and up to Gamlevegen where I usually park the bicycle in the woods.(I use this old trail to avoid the tunnel)

Then I walked up Gamlevegen to the farm Øyna, continued up to and along Zackariasvatnet (here you can park your car if you drive) and continued on a marked trail crossing the waterfall Reindalsfossen and then steeper up to Reindalen. At the end of the lake is Reindalseter where cauliflower soup, svele and a chilled cider was on my menu.

Tip: In this valley you can visit a 1000 years old protected pine tree.

At Reindalseter I found myself in good company with other happy hikers and this adooorable doggy ..thank’s for nicely blurring my camera lens with your wet nose buddy…reindalsetra tafjordfjella turhund hiking photo liss myraas



Flyene is another great day hike, nice trail and easy ascent with an awesome view point. Again I bicycled from Tafjord up to Kaldhusseter cabin (600 masl). (You can also start the hike from the Stikkut sign post a bit earlier on the road upwards). I parked the bicycle at the cabin and hiked along a nice trail for about 90 minutes to Flyene view point.

From Flyene you have great views of Tafjorden, Onilsavatnet, Kallskaregga, Breinosa etcFlyene tafjordfjella hike panorama norway fjord landscapes photo liss myraas


Returning from Flyene you can choose to go down again the same way towards Kaldhusseter (as I did) – or continue on the trail towards Zakariasdammen… the views are is still awesome until you reach the forest.

flyene hiking tafjord mountains panoramic view kaldhussetra



Hiking up from the Tafjord side the first part of this trail is a lil’ mini-hell when the weather is damp .. wet grass and bushes, steeper slippery parts with stones, roots and boggy, and even worse going down again. But once you get out of the bush everything is forgotten and forgiven.. for a while 😉

Finally up at Kallskaret with it’s cool famous moon landscape I found several more or less visible trails leading upwards to Kallskaregga ridge. Right before ascending to the highest point I decided to return due to the thick fog coming in. Otherwise it is fully possible to find several trails in various directions from this ridge for longer hikes.

Starting ascending up to Kallskaregga and the view already is magnificent – but on my way back I could see absolutely nothing here thank’s to the fog, so take pictures while you can while hiking.DCIM100GOPROG0090407.


Afternoon break with a view towards the highest point (1428 masl) on the Kallskaregga ridge. I love hiking along mountain ridges – and this nice ridge is no exception with it’s great views – if only the fog didn’t start to well in and hide everything. On my returen the fog was covering everything down to about 800 meters.kallskaregga kallskaret hiking norway mountains tafjord photo liss myraas