Norway Highlights – Hiking and Biking Lofoten

I invite you to have a quick glimpse and perhaps find travel inspiration from these awesome moments extracted from hiking and bicycling in Lofoten this summer (including the Norddal area where I worked).  Later I will post more information for everyone that are interested in visiting these godsmacking areascuz, who the heck aren’t???

Norway solo travel hiking biking nature landscape quote photography liss myraas


As you can see…it’s not nature alone that create moments and memories when I travel – it is also in meeting people for short or longer moments during a journey…. especially when I travel solo and without any expectations whatsoever – yeah, that’s when magic moments are created! 

Have a look my dear readers:


Norway bike hike (Part 4): Sognefjord

Finally my last post from last summer’s bicycle tour in Norway. I guess it’s about time since my next coming bike hike adventure tour is just round the corner.

In the last bike-hike post I left Krossbu and was biking over Sognefjellet, and now the lovely downhill roads was waiting after the ascend upwards all the way from Lom.


On the way down from Sognefjellet mountain road soon to reach Turtagrø further below – here with a view towards Tindeveien.sognefjellet grotli bike tour landscape photo liss myras


I stopped for a substantial lunch at Turtagrø hotel, and continued downwards the narrow mountain road 55 towards Skjolden. It actually felt a bit sad to leave the mountains, but the sight of the deep blue-green fjords kind’ of made up for it 😉

After a  somewhat risky experience on an old side road that was blocked by rocks and partly collapsed (I think it was out side Ottatunnelen I had to return and went through the tunnel instead) I finally reached Luster and decided to camp here for a night by the sea.

Somewhere along Lustrafjorden (an arm of Sognefjorden) – stopping now and then to shoot photos of one of the many eyeballing-worthy views along this fjordSognefjord Norwegian fjords visit norway bicycle tour photo liss myraas


Alternative way: In Skjolden you can choose to follow a less trafficked road FV331 for a while, just keep in mind you will have to take the ferry from Ornes to Solvorn and join the main road again. Hopefully the main road traffic is back to normal again.

Luster: Sunny morning-glory fjord view from my lil’ tent – heading for a good breakfast & coffee at the local bakery LustrabuiLuster fjord tent camping bicycle tour visit Norway photography liss myraas


Traffic: Bicycling the road from Marifjøra to Sogndal was the worst part during my whole trip, and my hands was shaking when finally arriving Sogndal city. After a serious fire in the Gudvangatunellen much of the traffic was redirected my way, wich created som nervous situation due to increased heavy traffic.

A lovely morning breakfast at the local Lustrabui bakery shop in Luster – good coffee, fresh pastries and a very promising sun sognefjorden norwegen luster lustrabui bakery breakfast bicycle tour photo liss myraas


Boating home to mama: I spent a couple of days in Sogndal considering if I should continue and which way to choose of so. I finally decided, also due to time running out, to jump on the Sognebåten to Bergen, a 4,5 hours magnificent boat trip along Norway’s deepest and longest fjord (204 km) Sognefjorden. Recommended!

Sogndal by night – view from my camp placesogndal city by night view bicycle trip visitnorway photo liss myraas


The kind captain of Sognebåten also invited me up to the wheelhouse for coffee and told me a lot about the nature and surroundings along this awesome fjord. Great memories indeed and a spectacular finish of last summer’s bicycle tour.

It felt luxuriously to just sit back, relax, enjoy and take in all the amazing landscapes Sognebåten are passing along Sognefjorden during 4,5 hours. Absolutely a decent ending of this trip. Don’t forget your sun lotion!sognefjord sognebåten norwegian fjords photo liss myraas

More Info, Tips & Links:


Now a new bike hike tour is about to begin in another part of Norway – so stay tuned for more adventures my dear readers 🙂

Hurtigruten MS Polarlys

Hurtigruten ms polarlys bergen geiranger norwegian photography liss myraas

Yeah! Finally back in Norway again! After just 2 days at home I again packed my bags and headed for Norway. When asked to work at the power and avalanche center in Tafjord again I did not hesitate – of course I would!

First I had to fly over for a short visit/stopover at my  family’s place on the Norwegian west coast to get my bicycle along, as I would need it where I work for transport through the tunnels.  To bring the bicycle and luggage with my as smoothly as possible (without having to fly again) I this time choose to travel with Hurtigruten from Bergen as my family lives just a couple of hours from this city.

Every single soul with a camera on the ship was out shooting this beautiful sunset in the Norwegian skerrieshurtigruten sunset landscape photo liss myraas


So, with a student discount the price from Bergen to Geiranger (1 night w/bicycle) was actually reasonable. I also got the last (and very nice) cabin available for a good price too for a place to crash and store my stuff (thank’s mom!).

MS Polarlys is one of the more modern ships and very comfortable to sail with – and after stressful days it was absolutely lovely to just relax on deck in the most beautiful sunset, knowing my bicycle was safely secured with ropes down at the car deck where the  serviceminded crew looked after it very well.

Childish or not… pretty cool to enjoy passing landscapes even if it’s way past bed time ..ha..ha.. hurtigruten cabin view selfie


I guess it’s difficult to describe the beauty of gliding into Geirangerfjorden on the ship among the massive mountains, waterfalls and old mountain pastures, but you can just imagine. Disembarking the ship was done with an smaller pick-up boat that brought us to the pier.

From Geiranger I started the sweaty ascent upwards Ørnevegen (where I euphoric wheeled downwards last year) before xx hours later arriving Tafjord …and my cosy room for this summer.

Leaving the ship MS Polarlys in this pick-upboat – with a nice view to the serpentine road Ørnevegen (Eagle Road) with its 11 hairpin bends  that I soon would start ascending together with the bicycle and luggage.. sweaty…DCIM100GOPROG0300051.

Well…it’s kind of obligatory to stop at Ørnesvingen to enjoy and shoot this scenic view alrightDCIM100GOPROG0450075.


On the road again.. for the day.. passing this mountain ridge Skorene once again – a very impressive sight indeed…feels really good to be back!DCIM100GOPROG0700109.


During this summer I will certainly serve you some outdoor activities I’m planning to do this summer in this blog and my Instagram account – so don’t you go too far away 😉

Nordirland: Mournebergen

De första 2 nätterna i Nordirland bjöd förra veckan på tjock dimma och regn uppe i Mournebergen – kanske inte helt oväntad. Visst kan det ju ibland faktiskt vara önskligt med ett något “mörkt & mystiskt” väder för att få fram rätt “fotomood” på vissa ställen … men inte gärna här, och bara inte just den enda dagen jag hade chansen att vandra upp på några av topparna..


Solen skiner ju som känt inte alltid på fjälltur-  här på förmiddagens trekking vid Slieve Donard i Mournebergen. Riktigt skönt var det oavsätt att få röra på sig efter en dag med flygning och bussing.

mourne mountains foggy lissfit


Det var förstås en rejäl chansning att avsätta enbart 1 dag för att gå upp i Mourne Mountains och njuta/fota de vidsträkta vyerna längs The Mourne Wall. Denna imponerande muren slingrar sig nämligen runt 35 km över små och stora toppar som någon sorts “mini-kinesiska muren” – men det fanns ingen chans att se något som helst i tjocka dimman under dagen.


Utpå kvällen däremot hade man dock lite tur när den tunga dimma lättade något och vi (jag och min trevliga rommate från Mourne Lodge) drog in till fjällparken Silent Valley och vandrade omkring några timmar där vi glimtvis kunde skymta några av Mournebergens toppar innan mörket sänkte sig över landskapet.
silent valley Mournebergen lissfit

Mourne Wall info skylt

silent vally mourne mountains ireland



The Mourne Wall sträcker sig ca 35 km över hela 15 bergstoppar i Mournebergen – på kvällsvandringen passade vi på att ta lite kort på en liten bit av muren när dimman lättade en aning

the mourne wall Ireland lissfit



Lite reseinfo nedan ifall det skulle finns folk där ute som blir nyfikna på att tas sig hit. Det behöver absolut inte kosta skjortan om du väljer rätta dagarna att åka flyg på samt tål att bo på ett riktigt trevligt hostel. Vem vet.. vi kanske ses där uppe på en av bergen en dag…  för jag har verkligen hittat min favoritö numero uno – Irland! …som visade sig bli lite av en solskenshistoria…  fortsättning följer! 😉



Lite reseinfo:

Flygresa:  1300;-  t/r Stockholm/Dublin med Aer Lingus via

Mourne Mountains:  Information om Mournebergen, diverse kartor, rutter, tips etc.

The Mourne Lodge (Cnocnafeola): Här kommer Mairead ta väl hand om deg på allra bästa sätt – man känner sig riktigt hemma här 🙂

Mourne Ramblerdet går bussar runt hela bergsområdet  – finemang om man inte har bil

Translink:  Mycket användbar när man vill planera sin resa med buss & tåg


Reseväg till Mourne Mountains: Jag tog direktbussen X1 från Dublin Airport mot Belfast – bytte buss i Newry samt i Newcastle till Atticall (där The Mourne Lodge ligger) – detta gick riktigt smidigt och man behövde inte vänta länge på nesta buss. Glöm bara inte att ha lite cash (EURO och GBP) till buss & tåg om det inte skulle finns någon öppen biljettlucka på stationerna – (de brukar inte kunna ta kort ombord). Det är förstås också fullt möjligt att bo i Newcastle och gå direkt upp i bergen därifrån.


Fortsättning följer 😉