Outdoor spring workout

Friends and family chuckle warmly of me, they say I for sure live pretty rural on my little farm, it’s just made for boredom.. but no! there is just too much stuff occurring and happening in me and my son’s life, almost continuously, I feel like a rugby player always on the field. I would…… Continue reading Outdoor spring workout

Fluffy snow trail run

And finally I have to admit to myself that I do miss running a little bit .. skiing is still absolutely awesome, but once a runner, always a runner – it is probable time to slowly implement the running in the training regime again – since I now also think my heel has healed. It had started…… Continue reading Fluffy snow trail run

2 fricki’n mil!

Jihaah – mina första 2 fuckin miiil blev det under dagens långpass.  Yeah, thats right moddafucka’z – nestan en halvmara det! 😀 Ont som fan i höften sista delen, men hade absolut inga planer om att stoppa så sant inte något ben trillade av *ler*  Motvinden var en riktigt jobbig jävel denna förmiddag, men jag…… Continue reading 2 fricki’n mil!