Outdoor spring workout

Friends and family chuckle warmly of me, they say I for sure live pretty rural on my little farm, it’s just made for boredom.. but no! there is just too much stuff occurring and happening in me and my son’s life, almost continuously, I feel like a rugby player always on the field. I would actually love to be bored for just a day or two..but no.

So the very last incident I really could be without, and I am still a bit shaky from it. My dear son had an indefinite and acute incident and ended up in the hospital for a week, I actually thought he died while I held him in my arms… (sure sounds like a cliché, but a true cliché then) ..it takes time to recover from an overwhelming experience like that, both for my son and me… thank god I have my family in Norway for support, my furry animals, and even some of the health personnel here that are so wonderful in what they do – wich also included handling a dazzled mom – ha..ha, so god bless them!  More about this when I’m ready to sit down an take it all from the beginning...

I say it again and again…a very helpful and effective way to cope with whatever worry’s your/my mind is of course to get out in nature or to workout outdoor. Don’t immure! So for today’s adventure I and my lovely puppy Jenta went for a sunny run in icy, muddy and slushy forest roads.. yippii..the spring melting is on .. but slooowly as you also can see below…workout outdoor gym mindfullness weight lift running barn squats deadlift

After the run we went to my little barn where I have stashed some very simple workout equipment, and did some basic squats and deadlifts.. it’s been a while since last time I weight trained (just didn’t feel for it in minus 30 degrees), so it is such a nice spring act to start-up again lightly and gradually after a run ..sticking to the basics of course. .. I simply don’t want a skinny ass flapping in the summer breeze!

Oh, and you guys, I still have a lot to recommend and write about for those who are planning to visit Norway this summer... the posts will be on their way – just a lil’ bit overdue as I had to reload first…  ❤

Take care , see you soon back here 😀

Fluffy snow trail run

And finally I have to admit to myself that I do miss running a little bit .. skiing is still absolutely awesome, but once a runner, always a runner – it is probable time to slowly implement the running in the training regime again – since I now also think my heel has healed. It had started to smoulder a bit when I just let the cross-country skiing take over for a while so the heel could rest.

Love to see my puppy Jenta run like a lil’ racer in fluffy snow..  she really is a winter dog! Someone had been driving here, recently so we could run in the car tracks. winter run fluffy snow lapphund trail road winderwonderland runner cardio workout

So today me and puppy went out for about an hour of calm running.  Sunny, only about -6 cold and new roads to explore – which soon changed into a narrow fluffy snow trail going slightly uphill. Awesome! And it is of course a joy to discover that my cardio and fitness level are maintained almost intact – much thank’s to skiing. 

Tip for runners! Years ago I asked the best and fastest runner girl I have ever known what she believe is one of the biggest contributors to why runners do end up injured – and she said that people change their running shoes far too often! So, I guess that’s why still use these really old quality trail running shoes – and will do so untill they fall apart!winter run fluffy snow lapphund winderwonderland trail shoes runner cardio workout

Nope, that’s really not my “running style” – just a happy jump alright 😀Winter running snow run jogg lapphund trail

2 fricki’n mil!

Jihaah – mina första 2 frick’n miiil blev det under dagens långpass.  Yeah, thats right moddafucka’z – nestan en halvmara det! 😀

Ont som fan i höften sista delen, men hade absolut inga planer om att stoppa så sant inte något ben trillade av *ler*  Motvinden var en riktigt jobbig jävel denna förmiddag, men jag hadde satt mig ett mål – så var bara att böja nacken och köra på.  Ganska så nonstop blev färden, gick bara i ca 20 sekunder för att pressa i mig en sockersöt energyboosting kaboom-gel.


Happy longrun-gal today


Det skall erkännas att benen känndes som ett par söndertrasade pinnar precis efteråt – under “nervarvningspromenixen” staplade jag mig mycket osexigt sista biten hem med samma elegans som Edgar Bugman i Men In Black.  För återigen lyckades jag ju inte hålla senaste benpasset på gymmet långt nog undan långpasset, då kommer det istället krocka med backintervallen vilket jag tycker är snäppet värre. Ja ja, så e de me det.

Nu väntar mig iallafall ett crescendo av träningsverk och ömhet ..oh well, I can take it – cuz I’m floating on happy endorphins.


Oy.. inom kort kommer en riktigt godbit-recept i bloggen för er som surfar bland mina recept – så håll till godo sweeties!