Telemark Winter Wonderland

Buzy times lately, but after finishing exams, driving 1000 km up to Northern Sweden, preparing and celebrating a peaceful Christmas and New Year with my son – it is time to return and slow down a bit in my and puppy’s cosy cabin in Telemark. When we left it we had a wonderful winter wonderland as shown in my video below.. and lots of FUN indeed as you can see, with just a bob and looong downhills.  Now we want more, let’s go! 😀

I promise I WILL be back with lots of travel posts and tips for you, when time allows it in between duties! 😀 

And.. I want to wish you the very best for year 2020!


Fluffy snow trail run

And finally I have to admit to myself that I do miss running a little bit .. skiing is still absolutely awesome, but once a runner, always a runner – it is probable time to slowly implement the running in the training regime again – since I now also think my heel has healed. It had started to smoulder a bit when I just let the cross-country skiing take over for a while so the heel could rest.

Love to see my puppy Jenta run like a lil’ racer in fluffy snow..  she really is a winter dog! Someone had been driving here, recently so we could run in the car tracks. winter run fluffy snow lapphund trail road winderwonderland runner cardio workout

So today me and puppy went out for about an hour of calm running.  Sunny, only about -6 cold and new roads to explore – which soon changed into a narrow fluffy snow trail going slightly uphill. Awesome! And it is of course a joy to discover that my cardio and fitness level are maintained almost intact – much thank’s to skiing. 

Tip for runners! Years ago I asked the best and fastest runner girl I have ever known what she believe is one of the biggest contributors to why runners do end up injured – and she said that people change their running shoes far too often! So, I guess that’s why still use these really old quality trail running shoes – and will do so untill they fall apart!winter run fluffy snow lapphund winderwonderland trail shoes runner cardio workout

Nope, that’s really not my “running style” – just a happy jump alright 😀Winter running snow run jogg lapphund trail

Cross-country skiing weekend

These days it feels absolutely right to replace my running shoes with a pair of cross-country skis now and then. There are plenty of snow up here now, so in addition to getting a lot of exercise shoveling snow in my court-yard and driveway frequent, me and puppy also gets outdoor for skiing in beautiful snow-covered landscape and strengthen our cardio further.

A favorite turnaround place for me and puppy – I absolutely adore this abandoned old cabin ..yesterday the mist started to thicken on the lake as you can see…and so did the chill..brrrwinter cabin frost lake skiing skitur längdskidor bredbyn örnsköldsvik nature

This weekend we just enjoyed the forest roads covered with lots of snow, I did my own ski track, which can be tough when you sink into the deep snow, on the other hand, I grew up skiing without any prepared tracks in Norway, and a big advantage is that Jenta can run freely here, so there you go..

Yes, I did a track here a couple of days ago, and made it so much easier to go skiing today, well, parts of it, as some lazy christmas tree hunters used it as a walking trail.. norrland winter wonderland landscape cross-country skiing skitur längdåkning längdskidor skiddpår track snow

A new challenge for us is also to get Jenta used to wear the expandable leash connected to me skiing … not an easy task indeed, but fully doable alrighty as she is talented.. I am the one who needs to get a grip on this ..ha..ha. I mostly let her run freely now, but when we want to get ready go to a prepared track where she will need to be leashed.

oh.. my happy face probable froze in the cold mist during a smile, but it could have been worse cabin lake bredbyn örnsköldsvik skitur lapphund kari traa cardio

Today I met 2 persons that also was skiing here, they thanked me for making the skiing track..ho..ho ..feels cool that someone helps out with the tracks here like they did.. Who knows, this place could become an alternative skiing favorite for people with dogs that don’t need everything prepped and glazed for a skiing trip.. or maybe not  .. anyway, see you later for moore skiing adventures...

.. so darn beautiful winter wonderland ..and so darn cold – not a good idea to stand still, time to go home before dark.. in the middle of the day..cross country skiing skitur sweden örnsköldsvik winter wonderland lapphund lake frozen snow skispår track sunset bredbyn