Hallingskarvet National Park hike

Stairway to heaven – or stairway to Hallingskarvet? Both real awesome choices, but the 2000 steps that lead us directly up to the mountain massif Hallingskarvet National Park was this weekend’s winner for sure.

I chose the trail Prestholtrunden , which is a nice hike suitable for dogs and the whole family. This hike includes some very nice views, so me and puppy shot some selfies up there of courseHallingskarvet view point turblogg turjenter

So, once again me and puppy packed our backpack and headed for a sunny Sunday adventure.  From Geilo we continued on a toll road (40 NOK/have some coins ready!) upwards all the way to Prestholtseter, where we parked and started our hike.

My curious little dog Jenta, she really likes working her way uphills. Probable lots of interesting scents to sniff along the trail too, as you never walk alone here on a Sunday like this Hallingskarvet Prestholtrunden sherpa stairs geilo trail view

Jenta is dancing upwards like a ballerina, and not necessarily on the sherpa stepsHallingskarvet Prestholtrunden sherpa stairs geiloWe are soon reaching the “plateau”. We had no plan here, just “let’s see what trail to choose”  Hallingskarvet Prestholtrunden sherpa stairs geilo trapper

Here we are at Skarvsenden – this hike’s highest point 1 705 meters above sea level. Yes, it’s yet another big pile of rocks/steinrøys we are balancing, and we do love it. The word “Skarv” actually means bare mountain or rock.Hallingskarvet national park views Geilo turblogg

A little lunch break at a view point up there. Here me and puppy where alone, most hikers that day just followed the main trail – today we didn’t. If I see a tiny detour trail, I’m usually too curious too curious to ignore it 😀Hallingskarvet mountain massif

Just one of those beautiful fall views on our way down. According to the map we must be passing Perstølen hereHallingskarvet Prestholtrunden mountain massif geilo

On our way down part of the trail was pretty soggy and muddy after a rainy night, thankfully we could walk on these planks, and puppy could wade in the small rivers to clean here paws. Hallingskarvet Prestholtrunden lapphund geilo

The last part, after coming down from the mountain trail, is on the gravel road towards Prestholtseter. Autumn is for sure a favorite hiking season.  Lots of hiking people this day,so me and puppy drove down to a gas station to get a cheap and tasty cafe latte:DHallingskarvet prestholtseter landscape autumn hike Geilo outdoor friluftsliv Norway

Ok, we will for sure be back as there are other hikes to discover in this area, but first thing first, until then – tada dear readers 😉

Map and some further readings about the hike in Hallingskarvet National Park:


Tent Camping at Unstad Beach in Lofoten

The little village Unstad quickly became a favorite place to visit this season, and I have done 4 nice hikes (incoming) from this adorable and peaceful place by the sea. Longing to spend a night here, me and puppy one day I was off work packed our tent and headed for Unstad Beach to hike and spend a night there.

Our little paradise at Unstad beachUnstad beach Lofoten telttur outdoor norsk natur lapphund tent camping sunset

After hiking 2 peaks that day we went down to the sea and found a nice grass spot among the pebbles and pitched the tent. The light rain drops we sensed up in the mountains gradually dissolved and the evening turned in to warm and beautiful sunset.

It’s getting late, but we will stay up a bit longer to just enjoy the lovely surroundingsUnstad beach camping Lofoten

Most of all I just wanted me and puppy to be here together, with no time to keep, to do nothing and just enjoy the absolutely lovely sound of the waves hitting the shore. There really is no better lullaby than that.

Our tent view: My lovely Jenta is first out to enjoying the morning sunrise, the sky promise a warm and sunny dayUnstad beach Lofoten tent view nature sky travel Norway

Early breakfast and hot coffee at 5 o’clock in the morning while the sun is warming up the mountainsUnstad beach Lofoten telttur lapphund breakfast tent camping sunrise

What I like about Unstad is that it is very peaceful and usually not so crowded in high season as other well known beach villages in Lofoten. The little white sand beach and village are also surrounded by several good hikes. It’s also a place for surfers, so you can rent equipment for surfing at Unstad Arctic Surf.

Someone is sleeping….Unstad beach Lofoten telttur lapphund cosy tent camping sunrise

We did a very easy and relaxed hike/stroll into Norddalen vally and lake Norddalsvatnet which we discovered from the peak hikes the day before.Unstad Lofoten best hiking friend moments Norddalen Norddalsvatnet-2

It is so beautiful in Norddalen valley. In here we could see about 6 or 7 white-taled eagles flying around, where one of them “smacked” another eagle in the air so it dropped a dead captured crow to the grown – nature drama IRL!Unstad Lofoten dog hike Norddalen Norddalsvatnet

On our trip back to the “civilization” next evening we first stopped and took an afternoon stroll by this beautiful little beach to play with a dog frisbeeLofoten beach sandnessanden Myrland dog play landscape

Tell me, is she by any chance laughing at my bad tent pitching style? 😀Unstad tent camping dog

Unstad map & driving distances

  • Unstad – Leknes: 25 min. (21,2 km)
  • Unstad – Svolvær: 68 min. (66,4 km)
  • Unstad – Reine:  85 min. (73,6 km)

Click on the map to open it in Google Maps to find your distanceUnstad kart map beach surfing hiking Lofoten Norge camp


Lofoten – third edition

Yes, you probable guessed correctly. Me and puppy are finally back in Lofoten again, for the 3 time, it is just something magic about Lofoten, and most people that have been her would most probable agree to that.

We already had a very busy day where everything seems to happen at once. A couple of photos from our very first sunny day here is naturally included.

Morning glory when the fog is still fluffing the landscape Lofoten landscape bridge morning fog mountains fjords beautiful norway

A favorite view along the roadLofoten landscape farm mountains fjords beautiful norway

We drove to the closest village to have a mechanic’s check my car, while waiting we did a lovely stroll passing a beautiful swan lake and some magnificent views. We where also invited home to a friendly dog owner and had a look at he’s cool Harley Davidson bicycles. Turned out we also had a mutual friend where I grew up. I just adore how friendly and curious inhabitants are up here in the north.

The swan lake with a magnificent view on the morning dog walk. Maybe you recognize that peak too?swan lake landscape views svanesjøen Lofoten

Later me and puppy also did a dedour to stroll along a shoreline where the spectacular and windless views made me stop a lot.. make sure you do that too, cuz these magnetic views can cause tricky situations while driving. the very same day I almost got squeezed off a narrow road by another fascinated tourist in his rental car.. but I kind of do understand him too 😀

During our seashore stroll here I remembered that I also biked through here a couple of years ago. Road 815 is a very nice alternative to the more trafficked E10 road indeed!Lofoten rorbu landscape fjords steep mountains fjords beautiful norway

I do drive like a priest, but on our way back home I got a darn speeding ticket, driving a lil’ bit too fast not paying attention to the speedometer at that moment, it really sucks!

You know, it’s already expensive here in Lofoten, and that goes for the the speeding tickets too, so pay attention here so you don’t end up using your travel budget on unnecessary and costly “experiences” like that. If you end up behind a slow driver around here, it is probable just me, please be understanding..ha..ha

Last stop for the day on our way back. It sure did wonders for the mood to walk along this beach to let the sound of waves wash away any worries.Lofoten landscape white beaches lapphund mountains fjords beautiful norway

Me and puppy will for sure be back with more very soon, alright. In mean time: Drive safe dear readers! 🙂

Tinnsjøen lake

Many of us see beautiful landscape pictures along the road while driving, but we rarely stop to shoot it due to traffic etc. Well, I finally decided to make that stop just to catch that perfect moment, a simple boathouse with a green roof mirroring in the stock-still lake Tinnsjøen (Tinnsjå).

Puppy found something more interesting than the viewTinn Telemark lake boat house tinnsjo Tinnlandscape nature finsk lapphund dog


Tinnsjøen lake is the third deepest lake in Norway with it’s 460 meters at the deepest, surrounded by lot’s of steep mountain walls. This is the lake to catch arctic char for supper!

I only got my mobile phone, but it turns out pretty alright as this landscape don’t need advanced stuff to look good 😉Tinn Telemark lake boat house tinnsjo Tinnlandscape nature

If you, like me, would like to know more about life and nature around this large lake, I will absolutely explore more when I get back next time. I actually already have something special to show you in connection with this lake ..so stay tuned as always dear fellows 😉


Enchanted forest

Everything has its charm. Even the moist, slushy and gray days. We just had a period with this weather, and, even if it can crash your mood, it can also result in some cool nature experiences when the sun is trying to break through it all..

As usual me and puppy are out discovering new trails, and this day we ended up in an older forest near a little half-frozen tarn. The fog made it all a bit elf-struck, and my mobile phone managed to snap some nice moments from the hike.

My supermodel dog princess – posing so naturally by the little beautiful tarn. We discovered this place by following a tiny trail the wild animals use. Misty fog enchanted nature landscape old forest tarn finsk lapphund dog


Fresh traces of moose and deer was gossiping about their ramble along the forest road ( sometimes we also get a glimpse of them). Here and there game birds took a sudden flight when we where passing,  so we where absolutely not alone in the forest.

Misty fog enchanted nature landscape old forest tarn finsk lapphund dog


I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of walking on swampy ground, especially not on a wet day, but so glad me and puppy decided to do just that this day.


The sun is trying hard to break through the thick fog…  a beautiful battle… trollsk natur tjärn tjern lake forest skogstur mist tåke dimma


Now we are waiting for the frost to come… please… 😀

Rondane National Park area

When Plan A is down, Plan B is on. A very good Plan B I may say indeed.

Plan A was to bike from Stryn over the old and famous mountain road Gamle Strynefjellsvegen to my next job in Tafjord – but, as many travellers also wondered about early that summer; when would the old mountain road open for summer?? (Actually – not before the day after I had to leave ..ha..ha)

So, aware of this I made a Plan B: to take the bus through the mountain tunnels, continue to Otta and from there “bicycle” up to Mysusæter (a cabin and mountain farm cluster area) at the foot of Rondane National Park. And that is what I did. I only had 3 whole days for disposal before next job startup, so there was really no time to lose…

From Otta and up the serpentine road towards Mysusæter and Rondane mountain range – the weather is great and the view is getting better and better for every “tornante” upwardsotta uphill serpentine road bicycle trip travel rondane national park

Otta. I remember standing in front of that mountain wall looking up on its serpentine roads that was waiting for me and my fully packet bicycle. Oh my … I could just feel the sweat and pain already… but the weather was nice, so good to go!

My lil “carrot” was an old saeter cottage I had rented at a mountain pasture for a very nice price, so I knew I would arrive to a very cosy place to relax.. eh..did I say relax? well..yay and nay.

The road up was a sweat alrighty, I bicycled whenever I could, and pushed when needed. I met curious people to talk to and get some information about the area. After xx?? hours (who cares) upwards (and some downhills I finally reached the gravel road leading to the mountain pasture…whohaa, absolutely lovely to arrive!

My little saeter cottage to the left – how about these beautiful surroundings? Some sheep and lambs was lurching around here and made the whole area just magnificent… just watch out for sheep cake droppings, as I didn’t! rondane national park mountain pasture tradition

Oh, what a lovely place to arrive in the afternoon. When the cottage owners heard I was arriving on a bicycle, they had made the fireplace ready, filled up several water cans and made up the bed for me. That is just how wonderful people can be ❤ I parked the bike on the newly renovated porch, packed up my stuff and made a warm meal and coffee on the propane burner.

Lake Furusjøen in the eveningRondane National Park Norway mountains lake Mysusaeter Furusjoen sunset landscape fjelltur

View from my bedroom window… but the old window glass and thick lumber walls could not protect my ears against the bleating baryton sheep passing at 5 o’clock in the morning… 😀window view rondane rondablikk mysusæter rondane

I kept the dairy products chilled in the old cellar hatch in the floor. Right across the gravel road there was a big old sheep barn with an outhouse privy, and if I wanted a shower I could go down to the lake for a refreshing bath. PC and phone was recharged by a small solar cell panel.

mysuseter mountain pasture cabin window view furusjoen rondablikk rondane national park seter hyttetur landscape

The evening was still young, so I decided to explore the trails in the area around my cabin… always curious where all the trail signs would take me… and oh what an amazing evening hike that was! It is fully possible to hike from this place all the way into Rondvassbu and the national park as the trails seems to be well-connected to each other (take a closer look at the map below).

This was worth every bead of sweat that day…no-one around.. only peaceful nature at it’s best with panoramic view towards Rondane National Park and it’s 10 peaks rising above 2000 meters. So which one to choose? rondane nasjonalpark national park landscape photography selfie fjelltur nysysæter

Cosy evening in the mountain pasture cottage by the open fireplace – loading for a longer and higher hike next morning. I absolutely adore this old and peaceful place ❤ hyttetur rondane koselig cosy open fireplace mountain pasture seter mysysæter

The very next day was going to be even more amazing (was that possible?)… entering the national park and hiking a bit higher up… so just stay calm and tuned my dear readers 🙂



Klick on the map below for a larger interactive map and hiking trails information at UT.NO

Map kart Rondane National Park Mysusaeter Veslesmeden Rondablikk Furusjoen Rondvassbu Rondvatnet

Some useful travel links for you:

Lappmarksvägen winter hike

lappmarksvägen lapphund winter forest trail hiking örnsköldsvik anundsjö

Best time of the year to hike certain trails are right now, when the ground is a bit frozen, most of the greenery are bowing down and som light beautiful snow have just fallen.. no pestering insects, no soggy grounds and no clinging bush… just a frozen nature going to sleep. (Another good example when to best hike a trail is Bruksleden in Västerås when I lived there, the summer hike was  horrible, but early winter just awesome!)

I will let my puppy Jenta show you some remaining parts of the old and “endless” Lappmarksvägen trail  – through some nice conifer and birch forest landscape. We have hiked parts of this trail right before the snow came too, then still very nice, green and beautifully mossy, but a frozen winter wonderland is hard to beat!

Running and jumping around.. so much to see and discover for a little girl


Walking right into a winter wonderland adventurewinter landscape forestsnow hiking trail vandringsled västernorrland

lappmarksvägen bredbyn trail hiking vandring lapphund dog winter landscape photo liss myras


Jenta is waiting..just as eager as I am to discover what’s around the next corner… more forest perhaps?


lappmarksvägen vandringsled vinterlandskap winter örnsköldsvik


I usually start at point 7 (Seltjärn) on the map below. Here you can park your car/bike and take a look at the maps (it is possible to enlarge the map pics below):Lappmarksvagen map karta trail vandringsled bredbyn kubbe sweden



My cosy little farm in Northern Sweden

So I finally did it. I have moved… (ahem ..yes, again).. but this time to the northern part of Sweden. People have various reasons why they move, but for me it was a combination of too expensive living costs in town, the increasing criminality and of course…an old dream of having my very own little farm/croft on the country side.

Glittering morning-glory in our yard after a light blizzard night

So I sold my caravan home and worked my ass off in Norway so I could afford to buy a new home for me and my son who needs extra care. It had to be in the northern parts of Sweden on the rural country side where properties can be pretty cheap. It is of course sad to move from friends and family once again – but it also feels good not to “reside myself to death” as many do living in towns like hamsters in shoe boxes at big expenses.

Having the fortune to bring my work with me, not being afraid of changes/challenges and a hope that my dear son would recover better being closer to nature and outdoor activities made our move possible. We both needed a “new start”, and are now in place at the farm. Time will tell for how long we will stay here. My biggest wish is still to move closer to the Norwegian border since I work seasonal there, but also to feel closer to ..home… (yes, I’m always longing for Norway, my homeland), but our current cosy lil’ farm will certainly do for now.

I don’t need to go to a shooting range – now I can practice on my own property.. 

You can’t be lazy when you have an old farm. There is always something to do, to fix, to prevent, to install, to plan, to learn, to renovate – but one thing at a time, that’s for sure. To keep warm is important, so for winter we have piled big loads of wood, and now I run up and down the basement stairs all the time to keep the wood pan (and myself) hot ..ha..ha. I also had a pro to install a heat pump to supplement the wood heating system. Another “heating source” is a lot of manual snow shoveling, that also keeps us warm and sweaty…great exercise!

It is beautiful here during winter when the newly fallen snow fluffs up the landscape views – this is my chicken housesweden north old farm land chicken house torp gard photo liss myraas

Count on trouble now and then. When the cloak pipes clogged (and unidentified objects popped up in my basement) I had to call in a professional to camera check the pipes and to do a flush out ..in times like that you sure appreciate simple things as a well working pipe system more than anything! And also the chimney needs to be checked frequently for safe wood burning …  so I have learned to always hire a professional, they do the job on time and they do it well! Small things you can learn to solve your self, but leave the serious stuff to serious people..

We all like beautiful and colorful sunsets, up here they can be real gorgeous, and aurora borealis shows up now and then here too.. I can see it from my kitchen window 

In addition to the main house the farm also have an old turkey(chicken?) house, a horse shelter and a garage/stable, so it is fully possible to have horses, chickens etc here. I have spotted some red foxes snooping around my property at night .. so the settings for a classic chicken house drama is perfect wouldn’t you say? 😉

The property have more than 2 hectares of farm land to exploit, but for now I’m just playing with ideas of what to do with the land and the farm buildings … if you may have some ideas/suggestions too – let me know!!

Looking very much forward to write more about me and my son’s life up here in northern Sweden – so stay tuned folks!



Hurtigruten MS Polarlys

Hurtigruten ms polarlys bergen geiranger norwegian photography liss myraas

Yeah! Finally back in Norway again! After just 2 days at home I again packed my bags and headed for Norway. When asked to work at the power and avalanche center in Tafjord again I did not hesitate – of course I would!

First I had to fly over for a short visit/stopover at my  family’s place on the Norwegian west coast to get my bicycle along, as I would need it where I work for transport through the tunnels.  To bring the bicycle and luggage with my as smoothly as possible (without having to fly again) I this time choose to travel with Hurtigruten from Bergen as my family lives just a couple of hours from this city.

Every single soul with a camera on the ship was out shooting this beautiful sunset in the Norwegian skerrieshurtigruten sunset landscape photo liss myraas


So, with a student discount the price from Bergen to Geiranger (1 night w/bicycle) was actually reasonable. I also got the last (and very nice) cabin available for a good price too for a place to crash and store my stuff (thank’s mom!).

MS Polarlys is one of the more modern ships and very comfortable to sail with – and after stressful days it was absolutely lovely to just relax on deck in the most beautiful sunset, knowing my bicycle was safely secured with ropes down at the car deck where the  serviceminded crew looked after it very well.

Childish or not… pretty cool to enjoy passing landscapes even if it’s way past bed time ..ha..ha.. hurtigruten cabin view selfie


I guess it’s difficult to describe the beauty of gliding into Geirangerfjorden on the ship among the massive mountains, waterfalls and old mountain pastures, but you can just imagine. Disembarking the ship was done with an smaller pick-up boat that brought us to the pier.

From Geiranger I started the sweaty ascent upwards Ørnevegen (where I euphoric wheeled downwards last year) before xx hours later arriving Tafjord …and my cosy room for this summer.

Leaving the ship MS Polarlys in this pick-upboat – with a nice view to the serpentine road Ørnevegen (Eagle Road) with its 11 hairpin bends  that I soon would start ascending together with the bicycle and luggage.. sweaty…DCIM100GOPROG0300051.

Well…it’s kind of obligatory to stop at Ørnesvingen to enjoy and shoot this scenic view alrightDCIM100GOPROG0450075.


On the road again.. for the day.. passing this mountain ridge Skorene once again – a very impressive sight indeed…feels really good to be back!DCIM100GOPROG0700109.


During this summer I will certainly serve you some outdoor activities I’m planning to do this summer in this blog and my Instagram account – so don’t you go too far away 😉

Stromboli volcano

So, where else can you enjoy a starry sky, reflecting moonlight, beautiful sunset and powerful lava eruptions – all at the same time??? Stromboli rules!stromboli-nature-moonlight-sunset-vulcano-night-landscape-photo-liss-myraas

Tutto bene! I’m finally back at the Aeolian Islands – this amazing volcanic archipelago based north of beautiful Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. These islands have spellbound me since I visited the islands Lipari and Vulcano 4 years ago, including mount Etna in Catania.

This time I once again was on a quick trip with only 3 whole days to spend on these islands, so I planned as well as possible ahead – and despite a flight delay spending 8 hours in Düsseldorf airport I managed to do what I really wanted to do thank’s to the wonderful Italian hospitality! Grazie!

Isola di Stromboli

Stromboli stratovolcano in daylight and a glimpse of the village church below it stromboli vulcano village church mountain landscape view photo liss myraas


One of my dreams for a long time was a trek up to Stromboli’s craters to observe the still active volcano and lava eruptions. In the morning that day I went for a walk to the restaurant L’Osservatorio where you can enjoy a good meal(try a tasty spaghetti ala Stromboli), drink cappuchino’s or vino’s, and hear/observe Strombolis rumbling and eruptions (mostly visible at night from this place).

From this restaurant you can also trek up to about 400 meters to Sciara del Fuoco view point for a free view.  But if you for some reason don’t want to trek anywhere at all – you can instead enjoy a nice boat trip around the island to view the eruptions from the sea side.

The evening before the top trek I joined a boat trip around Isola di Stromboli that included a 2h disembark to visit peaceful little Ginostra, which I warmly can recommend for those who seek some tranquility stromboli ginostra aeolian islands sunset landscape photo liss myraas


Top trek evening: It was not that comfortable to put on my trekking shoes in the sweaty afternoon heat, but fortunately the trek upwards Stromboli’s trail was mostly shadowed by trees and bushes – and by the time you reach the sandy and stony area the sun beams are no longer able to grill you.

The amazing views will also make you forget anything else.  Pretty cool to look upwards and see the long zig zag serpentine trail of trekkers going upwards – Stromboli (3,031 ft) is one of the world’s most active volcanos, and also one of the most popular to visit – so you are certainly not alone up there!

Cant stop smiling – so happy to finally be up here – especially since the weather was absolutely brilliant  stromboli sunset vulcano landscape hike liss


Getting close to the crater area we could here Stromboli “roar” now and then – a lil’bit like the Balrog in The Ring. Now we where above the clouds, and the ongoing sunset was absolutely magnificent scattered with clouds. Steam and black smoke arisen from the craters and mix together with the surroundings in perfect harmony. For me this is pretty close to heaven – and you also get aware of and really feel that in the end the earth is in charge!

When beauty have no words…stromboli sunset active vulcano above clouds photo liss myraas


We went further up and crossed along a sandy ridge to have a good view down to the active craters. There was a bunch of trekking groups lined up along the view points, but the mood was mostly low-voiced – people just waited and enjoyed this special moment of being so near powerful forces of nature. And Stromboli did not disappoint us!

The short, powerful and spectacular lava bombs/explosions occurred quick and with no forewarnings – Wow! So instead of panicky trying to catch the bursts on camera I decided to just enjoy the show instead. Weird how that feeling of being so small compared to nature forces also can be so wonderfully euphoric – respect

Stromboli in the afternoon sunstromboli ginostra seaview aeolian islands sunset photo liss myraas


The trail downwards again is steep – but safe – you will walk in very soft volcanic sand and also wear a mask for protection against the fine dust, everything enlightened with your own headlamp.

Back at the hotel you better strip off your clothing upside the room (if possible) – or else you will find volcano sand all over the place.. and sometimes on very unexpected places ..ha..ha.. 😉

Tips & Tricks:

  • It is forbidden to trek up to the craters without an authorized guide – the penalty is 500 EUROS
  • Wear good hiking boots (some showed up in soft summer shoes of textile) – or hire the boots
  • Bring an extra sweater or a wind jacket – it can get windy up there
  • The guide will provide you with a helmet and mask for a reason, use it
  • Bring your own headlamp – you will need it in the streets too as there are barely any streetlights on this island
  • Bring a packet lunch (I had bananas, bread sticks, prosciutto ham and lots of water)
  • Prepare your fridge with some chilled drinks/foods before you leave for the trek in case the shops are closed when you get back (I was back in my room at 23:30 and went over to a nearby hotel to buy more chilled water)


Oh… don’t forget to see the cool volcanic plug Strombolicchio piling up about 2 km outside Stromboli. There are boat trips out and around this plug and it’s lighthouse, but you will not be allowed to disembark or walk up the steep stairs strombolicchio stromboli landscape lighthouse italy photo liss myrås


If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask and I will try to answer as best I can. You will find more information about Isola di Stromboli’s geology at Geology.com and Italysvolcanoes.com

I have another amazing trek from this are coming up here soon …so stay tuned as always my dear readers! 🙂

Have an awesome moment and view Stromboli live cam here: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/sicilia/messina/stromboli.html




So, what can you do when the heat is “unbearable”(I can’t stand it) and the pollen allergy is becoming a real pain ..well, you could escape to a better place –  Svalbard!

I decided to jumped on a short budget stay in Longyearbyen – and here I am now this late evening, sitting alone in the chilly wind enjoying the midnight sun, fresh air and some spectacular and rough landscapes near my stay – about halfway between Norway and the North Pole.  So, let’s find out what my dear homeland have been hiding from me up here for so long among these glaciers, mountains and permfrost.

Selfie: Late evening view towards Sarkofagen (to the left) 

svalbard norway landscape photograph liss myras

I will be back soon for updates and some travel info – so stay tuned 🙂