Cross-country skiing weekend

cross country skiing skitur sweden örnsköldsvik winter wonderland lapphund lake frozen snow skispår track sunset bredbyn

These days it feels absolutely right to replace my running shoes with a pair of cross-country skis now and then. There are plenty of snow up here now, so in addition to getting a lot of exercise shoveling snow in my court-yard and driveway frequent, me and puppy also gets outdoor for skiing in beautiful snow-covered […]

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Sweden: Wildlife tracking excursion in Umeå

We borrowed old-fashioned wooden skis from the swedish military – yes, like the one’s I remember using in my childhood Norway – but skis that are still going strong, especially in undulating terrain, and the only needed ski wax is a simple and more environment-friendly candle, not the toxic ski wax some are using today. […]

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SpringCross: Det är i uppförsbacke det går uppåt!

Oh shit vilken klump jag fick i magen när de började räkna ner inför start under dagens Spring Cross terränglopp – fast jag hade ju egentligen inget att vara orolig för! Sista svängen innan man sliten & glad kunde springa i mål De 3 jobbiga uppförbackarna på raken som jag de senaste veckorna har kämpat […]

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