Grivel ice axe isyxa

SOLD! Säljer en oanvänd isyxa jag har för isklättring / alpinism - gå in och se min annons på Blocket - Nice price! 😉 I am selling an unused ice axe I have for ice climbing / mountaineering - take a look at my ad on Blocket - or contact me here. Lite info: SHAFT RESISTANCE 400kg, [...]


Norway Bike Hike (Part 2): Galdhøpiggen and Jotunheimen

So the bike tour continued to roll. I fully enjoyed this feeling of freedom with no obligations, no time to keep and no strict plan. I made a lot of stops, mostly because I was not able to shut down my always observing "photoeye" - everything is interesting! Just like during my warmup bikehike-tour to [...]