Outdoor spring workout

Friends and family chuckle warmly of me, they say I for sure live pretty rural on my little farm, it’s just made for boredom.. but no! there is just too much stuff occurring and happening in me and my son’s life, almost continuously, I feel like a rugby player always on the field. I would actually love to be bored for just a day or two..but no.

So the very last incident I really could be without, and I am still a bit shaky from it. My dear son had an indefinite and acute incident and ended up in the hospital for a week, I actually thought he died while I held him in my arms… (sure sounds like a cliché, but a true cliché then) ..it takes time to recover from an overwhelming experience like that, both for my son and me… thank god I have my family in Norway for support, my furry animals, and even some of the health personnel here that are so wonderful in what they do – wich also included handling a dazzled mom – ha..ha, so god bless them!  More about this when I’m ready to sit down an take it all from the beginning...

I say it again and again…a very helpful and effective way to cope with whatever worry’s your/my mind is of course to get out in nature or to workout outdoor. Don’t immure! So for today’s adventure I and my lovely puppy Jenta went for a sunny run in icy, muddy and slushy forest roads.. yippii..the spring melting is on .. but slooowly as you also can see below…workout outdoor gym mindfullness weight lift running barn squats deadlift

After the run we went to my little barn where I have stashed some very simple workout equipment, and did some basic squats and deadlifts.. it’s been a while since last time I weight trained (just didn’t feel for it in minus 30 degrees), so it is such a nice spring act to start-up again lightly and gradually after a run ..sticking to the basics of course. .. I simply don’t want a skinny ass flapping in the summer breeze!

Oh, and you guys, I still have a lot to recommend and write about for those who are planning to visit Norway this summer... the posts will be on their way – just a lil’ bit overdue as I had to reload first…  ❤

Take care , see you soon back here 😀

Fluffy snow trail run

And finally I have to admit to myself that I do miss running a little bit .. skiing is still absolutely awesome, but once a runner, always a runner – it is probable time to slowly implement the running in the training regime again – since I now also think my heel has healed. It had started to smoulder a bit when I just let the cross-country skiing take over for a while so the heel could rest.

Love to see my puppy Jenta run like a lil’ racer in fluffy snow..  she really is a winter dog! Someone had been driving here, recently so we could run in the car tracks. winter run fluffy snow lapphund trail road winderwonderland runner cardio workout

So today me and puppy went out for about an hour of calm running.  Sunny, only about -6 cold and new roads to explore – which soon changed into a narrow fluffy snow trail going slightly uphill. Awesome! And it is of course a joy to discover that my cardio and fitness level are maintained almost intact – much thank’s to skiing. 

Tip for runners! Years ago I asked the best and fastest runner girl I have ever known what she believe is one of the biggest contributors to why runners do end up injured – and she said that people change their running shoes far too often! So, I guess that’s why still use these really old quality trail running shoes – and will do so untill they fall apart!winter run fluffy snow lapphund winderwonderland trail shoes runner cardio workout

Nope, that’s really not my “running style” – just a happy jump alright 😀Winter running snow run jogg lapphund trail

Winter Wonderland skiing Christmas

The latest days have offered absolutely super skiing conditions with sparkling sun, 7 -8 minus degrees and lots of snow everywhere. So this is how I will celebrate Christmas, cross-country skiing outdoors while enjoying this magic winter landscape ..together with my lapphund dog of course .. you know, gotta get out and workout after som delicious old-fashioned traditional Norwegian Christmas food (I will show you some more of it soon) 😉

Trying my very best to show you the magic I see out there… not that easy managing the dog, the camera and the cross-country skis at once with frozen toes and fingers – but it is absolutely doable if you want it enough ..ha..ha..vinter landskap fores winter landscape skiing scandinavia nature outdoors


My finnish lapphund dog Jenta is doing so well learning to run with a “skiing leash” – but sometimes she find it so much more easier (and smarter) to free-ride on my skis right behind my legs when the snow is too deep.. I fully understand her.dog lapphund cross country skiing skitur


Just stop, imbibe the view and silence – hoping that the wonderful feeling this gives will be burned-in to my soul .. this is my way of healing..  


Now I want to wish you a lovely merry Christmas, I hope you don’t stress it too much… there are so many things we don’t need to celebrate Xmas.. enjoy what is most important in life.. deep down you already know what that is… see ya very soon folks… behave.. and drive carefully!

vinter landskap nordic forest winter landscape skiing scandinavia nature outdoors

Cross-country skiing weekend

These days it feels absolutely right to replace my running shoes with a pair of cross-country skis now and then. There are plenty of snow up here now, so in addition to getting a lot of exercise shoveling snow in my court-yard and driveway frequent, me and puppy also gets outdoor for skiing in beautiful snow-covered landscape and strengthen our cardio further.

A favorite turnaround place for me and puppy – I absolutely adore this abandoned old cabin ..yesterday the mist started to thicken on the lake as you can see…and so did the chill..brrrwinter cabin frost lake skiing skitur längdskidor bredbyn örnsköldsvik nature

This weekend we just enjoyed the forest roads covered with lots of snow, I did my own ski track, which can be tough when you sink into the deep snow, on the other hand, I grew up skiing without any prepared tracks in Norway, and a big advantage is that Jenta can run freely here, so there you go..

Yes, I did a track here a couple of days ago, and made it so much easier to go skiing today, well, parts of it, as some lazy christmas tree hunters used it as a walking trail.. norrland winter wonderland landscape cross-country skiing skitur längdåkning längdskidor skiddpår track snow

A new challenge for us is also to get Jenta used to wear the expandable leash connected to me skiing … not an easy task indeed, but fully doable alrighty as she is talented.. I am the one who needs to get a grip on this ..ha..ha. I mostly let her run freely now, but when we want to get ready go to a prepared track where she will need to be leashed.

oh.. my happy face probable froze in the cold mist during a smile, but it could have been worse cabin lake bredbyn örnsköldsvik skitur lapphund kari traa cardio

Today I met 2 persons that also was skiing here, they thanked me for making the skiing track..ho..ho ..feels cool that someone helps out with the tracks here like they did.. Who knows, this place could become an alternative skiing favorite for people with dogs that don’t need everything prepped and glazed for a skiing trip.. or maybe not  .. anyway, see you later for moore skiing adventures...

.. so darn beautiful winter wonderland ..and so darn cold – not a good idea to stand still, time to go home before dark.. in the middle of the day..cross country skiing skitur sweden örnsköldsvik winter wonderland lapphund lake frozen snow skispår track sunset bredbyn


Antarsberget Pokerhyllan trail running or hiking up

Antarsberget Pokerhyllan löpning trail utsikt fritid trening örnsköldsvik
Yesterday’s panorama view from Pokerhyllan – the hardest uphill run is done, downhill will be a pleasure

I have been hiking up to Antarsberget and the viewpoint Pokerhyllan since April this year when the trail was still covered with snow.. a natural place for me to go. And as a runner I yesterday finally ran up too. I guess that as a runner you always wonder if you can run up any goddamn trail you are hiking, and sometimes also carry it out… it may be a “sickness” among us 😀

pokerhyllan sverige viewpoint hiking lapphund panorama sweden norrland landscape
Jenta is too young to run with me yet, but loves to hike up to Antarsberget with me now and then – she is a tough little girl preparing for the Norwegian mountains next year.  (photo snapped in late October)

It is a pretty short trail up as this mountain/hill is not at all high, it takes just about 30 minutes to hike up (depending on your speed of course)… naturally a bit shorter if you run, but yesterday I could really feel that it has been too long since I run a real uphill like I often do during summer in Norway.. still Antarsberget will be a good replacement whenever I need that running resistance 🙂

Usually I have biked to get to the trail start – and sometimes my son follows. But with my convenient microcar (see, I’m already getting lazier .ha..ha) I can now bring my lapphund with me too – and she loves the uphill challenge!    

antarsberget gapahuk vindskydd grill trail hiking vandring picnik area
You will first reach the wind shed place where you can make a fire with fire wood or just a picnic (Please don’t burn down the old beacon!). To get to Pokerhyllan you will follow the trail a bit further to where the steep view-point area is (photo snapped in late October).
trail running vandringsled antarsberget lapphund ornskoldsvik norrland photo liss myras
The trail is pretty nice to run, a bit stony here and there to run, especially downhill again, but not a problem and so fun if you just watch your steps carefully – and it’s not too slippery (photo snapped in late October).


sagostig antarsberget family vandring hiking fairy tail sweden photo liss
This is also a great place to hike with your children – someone has created a cosy Sagostig “fairy-tale path” with fun characters and animals of wood and stone along the trail to make it extra exciting for children.

If you want to visit Antarsberget you will find it by driving the gravel road between Bredbyn and Mellansel to the parking lot and the trail sign starting here (Google map). – Any questions regarding this? Just send me a comment or a message.

Skageflå hike

Busy little bee at workgeiranger skageflaa geiranger busy little bee photo liss myraas

Our Norwegian Queen adores this place – and now I understand why. The hike started when I jumped off the shuttle boat at Skagehola and more than 130 tourists gathered in the front to wave me goodbye. I was the only one to disembark, and they probably wondered where the heck I was going as there’s nothing more but som greenery, rocks and a steep high mountain wall to see there.

To continue the hike you know you have to go out and round it – hold a hand on the wire, place your feet nice and calm on the trail and you will be just fine – if I can, you can too!hiking geiranger fjord skagefla knivsfla trail norway landscape photo liss myras


And then you see it… the trail pops out of the first greenery at the foot of the mountain and clings itself upwards the rock face. Here and there you see a glimpse of some safety wires that hints about the possibility to get up here. I was just hoping it wouldn’t start raining resulting in a too exciting and slippery adventure.

It took me 30-45 minutes to get up to first stop Skageflå fjord farm, it depends on your condition, how much you want to enjoy the view and of course photographing. The first part is steeper “rock stairs” with iron fences, higher up you will have to rely mostly on wires at the most exposed/airy parts… that’s also the parts where my “ascending style” became much less elegant, so to speak ..ha…ha.


A thrilling hike with thrilling views – I bet you can’t resist to try out this hike 😉steep hiking trail geiranger skagefla photo liss myraas


Reaching the first stop Skageflå (250 masl) I still was alone up there and also dared to sit on the edge for a moment and do this selfie… thinking about the people who lived up here on this shelf with their animals (goats) and children.. tough Norwegians that is! (and a pretty smart way to avoid the tax collector in former times) skageflå mountain farm geiranger fjord view visit norway landscape photo liss myrås selfie


Skageflå fjord farm was one of the richest goat farms back in the days, but  a rock slide destroyed much of the cultivated land in 1873. People lived here until 1916, when the farm was abandoned. skageflaa fjord farm setra geiranger photo liss myraas


Note! This lil’ minihut is not a toilet! – it’s a water well belonging to Skageflå fjord farm! But I saw a lot of tissues and stuff floating around in there. Please use the outhouse made for visitors instead!  As a visitor it is your responsibility to respect the clean environment and not to piss down UNESCO world heritages.. capisci?!  Things like this simply pisses me off alright… just sayin’…hikeing geiranger skageflå water well tourism travel photo liss myras


The hike continued from Skageflå (250 masl) upwards to the fjord farm Homlongsætra (544 masl) through steep trails through some greenery and some exposed/airy wired parts on the rock face. But hey…don’t forget to actually enjoy the view too… it really IS breathtaking… don’t just hurry upwards or cling to a fence or a tree ..ha..ha.. find a spot where you feel safe and take in the view.geirangerfjorden skageflaa norwegian fjords travel hike trail photo liss myraas

At Homlongsætra fjord farm you can fill your water bottle from a fresh mountain stream and enjoy a fab view towards the Eagle Road on the other side of the fjord. From this farm a much easier and milder “forest trail” continues downwards along the edge all the way back to Homlong …and finally Geiranger.hike homlong track geiranger visit norway fjord unesco heritage landscape photo liss myraas


Hiking down from Homlongsætra you will have a first class view towards the famous Eagle Road ( Ørnevegen). Everyon that have visited Ørnesvingen over there know it looks on this side beneath me on this picture – a sheer drop all the way down to the fjord… joodelii-hii-hoo..homlong geiranger eagle road ornevegen ørnesvingen


One of the last peaceful and panoramic places on your way down from Homlongætra. Enjoy a rest/meal and the panoramic view of Geiranger surroundings from Homlong before you walk the last piece on the gravel road towards the hectic centre for a chilled cider. Geiranger fjord norway homlong cruise landscape photo liss myras


The very next day I was on another awesome hike – I obviously don’t waste any time when I’m”off duty” and the weather is bearable  ….. pretty soon to come 😉

I have borrowed this overview picture from Camptocamp.org to show you the trail all the way from Skagehola to Homlong ..and Geiranger. If you choose to do the opposite way you will get a steeper and more visual exposed feeling – not recommended for those with fear of heights. It is easier to go up than down.map skageflaa homlonssaetra homlong geiranger

Trollstigen cycle climb

trollstigen landscape andalsnes rauma bicycle tour photo liss myraas

Almost can’t believe that I yesterday bicycled up Trollstigen with my cheap and heavy trek bike including luggage and a backpack. After a hiking day in Åndalsnes I headed back to work in Tafjord on my bicycle, and when people asked I said I most probably would walk up Trollstigen like I did last year, but a nice and calm bicycling climb up the serpentine road including some quick “photo pauses” made it absolutely bearable to actually bike up without a need of a lighter racer/mtb-bicycle – after all it wasn’t a race.

Bispen (Bishop) is flashing itsel’f  a bit but Kongen and Dronningen (the King and the Queen) is a bit shy and hiding in the mist for the momentbispen kongen rauma isterdalen andalsnes trollstigen photo liss myraas

Thank’s to all you lovely bypassing people that was cheering me upwards from your cars and MC’s – it helped! And so cool to meet some you again at the top indeed. I think the notorious Trollstigen and it’s mighty surrondings touches us all in one way or another – this really became a real scenic cardio day to remember 🙂

The peaks of Bispen (the Bishop) and Kongen (the King) to the left – with  an amazing view of the famous Trollstigen and Isterdalentrollstigen road rauma andalsnes photo liss myraas


I`l be back 😉

Morgonlöpning i 23 minusgrader

Härligt kallt och knarrande snö imorse. Efter jag skickat iväg arvingen till skolan bar det ut i “superkylan” på en 45 minuters morgonjogg. En liten grej jag muckar alldeles för min egen del var att så småningom slå min egen “minusrekord” från några år sedan där det blev -21 på Luciamorgonens löppass – imorse då äntligen 2 grader värre altså .. och då får ju köldknäppisen passa på.

Morgonens löppass i 23 minusgrader – lugn och sansad löpning i joggtempo – och altså ingen hög benförning ala hackney-horse style som man ibland spottar på diverse Insta löpbilder.. ses oftast på reklam eller “lotstaslöpare” bild  – viss e det roligt, men bara ett tips till nyårets färska löpare att inte luras tro att “hackney-style” e grejen vid löpningFW version: 1600 V1.11 FW name:ContourROAM UPDATE:N UPDATE_FW:N 1RES:P/3 1BR:H 1MIC:17 1SILENT:0 GLOBAL CAMERA NAME:ContourROAM DT:2016/01/15 08:32:33 FPS:30 CAMERA INFO CUID:1141010103012 USER DATA DATA:ContourROAM Camera DATA STRUCTURE UPDATE Y:YES N:NO UPDATE_FW Y:YES N:NO Format Settings Resolution(RES) (A)1920x1080 30fps (B)1280x960 30fps (C)1280x720 30fps (P/#)Still picture 5Mp captured at intervals of 1 picture every 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds (where the time is measured from start of picture to start of picture) Bitrate(BR) (H)High (L)Low Microphone Sensitivity(MIC) 0 ~ 42dB Silent Mode(SILENT) (0)Enable Beeps (1)Disable beeps Global Settings Frame Rate(FPS) (25)25fps (30)30fps Camera name(CAMERA NAME)[up to 20 characters] Name entered by user e.g. Jason's Contour Date and Time(DT) YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss YYYY : 2011 - 2040 MM : 01 - 12 DD : 01 - 31 User Data(DATA)[up to 100 characters] 'User' value in the universal settings section where the line contents are simply preserved by the camera.

Och ni, det där med löpkläder i kylan …det tycker jag  ju är alldeles individuellt.  Tycker själv det är något riktigt skit att springa med buff då jag imorse blev tvungen att använda en sådan, hittade inte den vanliga cykel- och löpmasken jag brukar ha och förgudar, men någon form för andningsskydd lär man ju ha vid löpning i extremkyla.

Och…så lassar jag numera absolut inte på mig en massa plagg vid löpning …även om det är svinkallt ute – blir oavsätt alltid ganska så varm, och kylan passar mig ju långt bättre att springa i än heta sommardagar, men så funkar ju kanske inte just du nej.

Happy Icy Running!

Löpmål från fjord till fjäll – 600 m upp… och ner igen

Någon vecka innan löpmålet genomfördes sprang jag (för en gång skull) tillsammans med någon, nämligen min supertrevliga “housemate” i Tafjord – det bar zigzag uppåt Muldalens stigar nestan 400 m upp, en attans fin vy och ett attans slit!..ho..hoo

trail run runners löpning norge foto liss myrås

Sträckan jag tänkte ta på egen hand hade jag redan “cykelvandrat” ett antal gånger under sommaren. Min skalle hade tidigt bestämt att detta skulle vara mitt löpmål innan jobbet var avklarad utpå sensommaren – springa från fjord till fjäll ..och ner igen. Ungefär 600 höjdmeter uppåt – t/r totalt 18 km (Tafjord – Kaldhussætervatnet)

Jag hade absolut ingen “nuskajagfaenimigkörastenhårttillsjagspottarblod” .. ej heller någon form för självpeppning egentligen – bara “nu ser jag hur långt jag klarar ta mig uppåt, och forsöker så vidare lite till” … ja ungefär så blev det. Inga stora förväntningar altså, bara lätt klyschat “delmål till målet”.

Man får ju hålla fast på goa medlöpare så de inte försvinner ner i avgrunden – här har folk faktiskt ramlat rakt ner flera hundra meter och dött, så man blir lite nervig när housemate’n hänger i grenen ovanför stupet

FW version: 1600 V1.11 FW name:ContourROAM UPDATE:N UPDATE_FW:N 1RES:P/1 1BR:H 1MIC:17 1SILENT:0 GLOBAL CAMERA NAME:ContourROAM DT:2015/07/16 19:43:50 FPS:30 CAMERA INFO CUID:1141010103012 USER DATA DATA:ContourROAM Camera DATA STRUCTURE UPDATE Y:YES N:NO UPDATE_FW Y:YES N:NO Format Settings Resolution(RES) (A)1920x1080 30fps (B)1280x960 30fps (C)1280x720 30fps (P/#)Still picture 5Mp captured at intervals of 1 picture every 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds (where the time is measured from start of picture to start of picture) Bitrate(BR) (H)High (L)Low Microphone Sensitivity(MIC) 0 ~ 42dB Silent Mode(SILENT) (0)Enable Beeps (1)Disable beeps Global Settings Frame Rate(FPS) (25)25fps (30)30fps Camera name(CAMERA NAME)[up to 20 characters] Name entered by user e.g. Jason's Contour Date and Time(DT) YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss YYYY : 2011 - 2040 MM : 01 - 12 DD : 01 - 31 User Data(DATA)[up to 100 characters] 'User' value in the universal settings section where the line contents are simply preserved by the camera.

Inte heller hade jag lovat eller skrutit på mig något som helst till andra.. så ingen prestationsångest heller lixom… så vad tusan driver en då kan man ju undra på?

För min egen del tog jag det som vanligt i lugnt tempo (då jag nyss hade varit sjuk där jag fan även tappade rösten..ha..ha), uppförsbackarna börjar ju direkt i detta landkap, så man tvingas ta det lungt från början…en fördel i mitt fall.

Det som drev på var nog hellre kännslan att “fan, jag fixade ju även den motbacken ju! som gav mig små glädjesknäpp i knoppen uppetter fjällvägen … backe efter backe… i en av de sista lååångbranta backarna visste jag att jag skulle klara det… trots att det gjorde såpass ont i låren och höften att jag fick springa både i sicksack och baklänges på det brantaste för att avlasta lite ..hi..hi

Visst var jag då stolt väl uppe vid målet Kaldhussætervatnet som ni ser! Nu bar det snart neråt igen – för trots gammla knäåkkommor har jag med tålamod byggd upp starka knän genom åren, så det att springa nerförs gör jag oftast utan problem.kaldhussætervatnet tafjord run motbakke lopning foto liss myrås


Igår var det dags att ta ut kära mountainbiken igen och ha det lite skøy några timmar på snöiga vägar och stigar. Man fick njuta av ett vinterlandskap täckt med härlig orörd pudersnö som badade i solen längs Mälaren.



Ibland blev det nestan lite för spännande när lömska snöpartier forsökte ha omkull en, men icke! ..hi..hi. Och så fick man även undangjort en timmes is- och snöskottning väl ute på Björnön – en respektabel kardiodag altså 😉

Vinter på Björnön 

björnön stuga foto liss myrås sweden


Till skogs igen…

Varje dag både till och från gymmet under senaste träningsveckan har man hela tiden gått och gluttat mot skogen – som bara glömdes en stund under de kvicka utagerande boxningspassen .. annars råder den där längtan om att få traska iväg in i vinterbushen igen

Ögon för sånna här små fina detaljer i naturen skärps lite extra när man har en kamera med sig på släp. 

Foto Liss Myrås natur svamp vinter bilder


När lördagen äntligen kom kunde man slänga fotosäcken på ryggen och sticka iväg. Den här gången blev det en ca 5 timmar lång “trailwalk” längs halkiga stigar på Bruksleden. Här ute hittar jag känslan av frihet och lugn!

Min nicke nyfikenheten vill bara fortsätta att gå på… se vad som finns runt nesta sväng eller lite längre fram längs denna vandringsled  .. fast än så länge vänder jag innan mörkret lägger sig..

Naturen behöver för min egen del inte alltid bjuda på spektakulära vyer för att göra gott – ibland räcker det att man har öga för detaljerna också.

Senaste helgens outdoor-selfie: Hittade en grön fläck längs de snöiga och hala skogsstigarna – broddarna gjorde absolut nytta den dagen – vill ju inte ramla med min “precious” i säcken 😉

photo liss myrås selfie woods track bruksleden sweden nature landscape


Inte så konstigt att folk i gamla da’r var vidskepliga när trä och stubbar kan se ut så här i skymningen…. lite spooky? ..eller rent av graciösa former?  Jag kanske har en lite för livlig fantasi ..hi..hi

spooky nature foto liss myrås shadows trees


Lite smått snopen gick jag denna lördagsmorgonen längs Bruksleden och kikade efter nått riktigt “vintrigt” att fota. Kvällen innan såg jag fram till att få dra ut och jaga resultaten från den tjocka dimman och minusgraderna – tänkte det ju borde gestalta sig i coola frostiga landskap & krusiduller då snön ännu inte hunnit landat på riktigt här i trakterna…

Inget vidare vintrigt i skogen denna lördagsmorgon som ni ser – men otroligt skönt att kunna traska längs Bruksleden utan en massa djungelbush, festingar eller ormar.. 

Foto liss myrås bruksleden skogsstig västerås


På väg att ge upp och vända nosen hemåt igen så fick jag ett plötsligt infall och vek av stigen ner mot en ljusning mellan granarna. Och det var verkligen som att vandra rakt in i ett frozen winter wonderland – jag hade äntligen hittat det jag letade efter! 🙂

Inkapslad i frost – och väntar på våren

photo liss myrås winter frost plant


Som ett litet barn i godisbutiken & på julafton blickade mina ögon ivrigt över diverse omkullvältade mossgrodda träd, statyliknande trädstubbar, skäggiga grenar, spindelliknande krusiduller, halvdöda växter, torpruiner … och en rutten bänk – fast för mig var allt detta så jädrans vackert inramad av frost!   

Det jag är mest nöjd med i bilderna från idag är nog den fina kontrasten mellan den kalla frosten och den något värmare undertonen som vägrar ge helt efter för vintern.


När man först öppnar ögonen – så ser man! Varmt och kallt.. död och liv… konstraster som framhäver varandra..

foto liss myrås vinterlandskap vandringsled sverige



I nestan fira timmar var jag ute och härjade i skogen – och som vanligt blir fingrarna snabbt iskalla när man plåtar i minusgrader, mon tro om det skulle hjälpa med en “triggerhanske”?

En selfie igen – kunde ju inte låta bli att bänka mig på den här väderbitna sitsen – med vy över en åker/äng

Photo liss myrås selfportrait winter landscape sweden


 Och självklart – när man med ett stort leende väl var på väg hem igen och säcken fylld at frostiga bilder – ja då kom snön.. i lassvis!!

foto liss myrås vinterlandskap sverige