Baking Nordlandslefser in wood fired oven

Yesterday I spent an interesting and fun day in a baker’s hut surrounded by beautiful winter wonderland. I hired the hut for a symbolic amount as I wanted to try baking Norwegian traditional “Nordlandslefse” or “Tjukklefse” in a real wood-burning baking oven. I’s a kind of griddle cake my mother used to serve us, and those days we always ate them with delicious chilled “rømme” (sour cream) on them as my mother loved all kinds of milk products.. yeah..she always did her own cottage cheese too, and still doo.

The super cosy baking hut I hired for a day. It was pretty cold outside, so firing up the baking oven and some candles made it really nice, warm and Christmas-ish…  örnsköldsvik bagarstuga vedfyrt vedeldad lefser tunnbröd stuga cabin

So, I started out making a little fire in the middle of the oven, It would take at least an hour to get the oven hot enough, so in meanwhile I prepared everything I needed on the baking table and finished the dough.

The baking hut also offered a great baking-board with hight-adjustment, but I just loved this wonderful outdoor winter landscape view and stayed working on the ordinary table by the windows – you fully understand don’t you?gottne bagarstugan lefsebaking winter view wood fired baking oven hut norwegian traditions food

When the firewood was turning black-ish I divided it carefully into smaller parts and spread it around the baking griddle for more heat, when hot enough I used an ovens scrape to push the red-hot embers aside to make place for baking, finally I took a blow pipe to blow away any rests of ash – ready to bake!

Sifting the flour to get a lump-free dough – and waiting for the firewood to turn into an ember baking paradise

The first thing I learned yesterday was to be very generous with the flour, if not you will have a living hell rolling out and handling the griddle cakes in the oven .. and just don’t be too generous with the salt of hartshorn, I was pretty close to the limit here, but the great taste overruled it ..thank God!

This female grinchen hobbit is very satisfied with the result from the first time with wood fired “lefsebaking”

The last pair of “Nordlandslefser” are getting baked in the slowly dying ember – I must say that the feeling of baking in a real wood-fired oven really boost the joy of baking.. I want more!Bagarstuga lefsebaking wood-fired baking Norwegian tradition scandinavia

I really had a great time baking “tjukklefser” here, I would have stayed much longer.. but needed to be home before my son got back from school.. so, this was certainly not the last time I rented this baking hut, the lessor also dropped by for a quick visit to taste the Norwegian griddle cakes, and wished me very welcome next time… looking forward of course, I already know what to bake.

Filling up with more firewood after baking – my lil’ dog has been a real doll today too, so patient indeedörnsköldsvik bagarstuga vedfyrt vedeldad lefser tunnbröd stuga cabin


The recipe for Nordlandslefser (Tjukklefse) – shot directly from the hips (so approximately):

  • 250 g melted butter
  • 1 cup white baking sirup
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2-3 cups cultured milk/kefir
  • 2 eggs (fresh from Gottne äggbod)
  • 1 – 1 1/2 teaspoon salt of hartshorn
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Ca 1 kg white flour

This is how I proceeded:

Basically I mixed the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. I used a big flour bolt and sifted the dry mixed ingredients into the wet ingredients, blended everything slightly (don’t knead the dough too long) and adjusted the amount of flour to get a “non-sticky” dough.

I divided the dough into “buns” and rolled them out as thin as possible with a rolling-pin using flour both under and over. Before I used a wooden oven spatula to move the cakes into the oven, I “patterned” the griddle cakes with a “naggkavel” – a sort of knotted rolling-pin. The oven baking itself was the easy part,  the heat was perfect and I baked the griddles quick on both sides, moving them around a bit in the oven so not to stick.  I let them cool down on the net shelves and packed them in plastic bags.

More or less about 20-25 newly baked thick and tasty “Nordlandslefser/Tjukklefser – maybe not with a perfect rounded look, but as good as it gets firs timelefser lefsebaking tunnbröd äggboden gottne örnsköldsvik västernorrland baking nordlandslefser tjukklefse


If you dont have access to cold delicious “rømme” (sour cream) -these Nordlandslefser/Tjukklefser will also taste great with a creamy mix of butter, sugar(sweetener also works) and cinnamon, just mix it and smear it on.. yummy especially for the children.

Brown cheese/Norwegian goat cheese (brunost/geitost ) also works like a charm here … and if you want to shoot further from your hips for Christmas – you can do as I did, put some saffron in parts of the dough.. holy f… 😀

Pavlova light med sockerfri cream cheese frosting

Har länge haft lust att göre Pavlova utan vanlig socker- och idag var det dags. Skillnaden från vanlig maräng är att Pavlova har majzena i – vilket nog gynnade den här smeten med att få en luftig och fin konsistens.

Fräschade till det med min cream cheese frosting och färska hallon – och det blev så gott! Såpass nöjd med dem att jag kommer använda receptet till en mängd luftiga tårtbottnar framöver! How about a cake tower!!


Min version av Pavlova light “tårtbotten”, cream cheeese frosting och färska hallonpavlova light cream cheese hallon ala lissfit


På receptet nedan fick jag fram 3 pavlovas + ett litet hjärta. Proteinrikt, glutenfritt och smaskigt fräsch med färska bär till även om det inte är sesong.

En liten del av “Frostingen” färgades rosa – det gör du antingen med rosa/röd karamellfärg eller en liten bit rödbeta. Något för Alla Hjärtans Dag nesta månad?


Glad i hjärtan – och i rosa.. ..och i det söta..  my way..pavlova light cream cheese ala lissfit


Ingredienser till Pavlova light:

  •  4 stora äggvitor
  • 1 msk kokospalmsocker
  • 2 msk sukrinmelis
  • 1 msk majzena
  • 2 tsk ättika
  • 1 tsk vaniljarom, droppar

Färska hallon (eller gärna andra bär/frukt)

Sockerfri cream cheese frosting (receptet)

Min nya favorittårtbotten – pavlova lightpavlova light bild collage  lissfit


Så här gjorde du:

  1. Först piskar du äggvitor och ättika till hårt vitt skum medan du mot slutet gradvis blandar in sukrin, kokospalmsocker, vaniljarom och majzena.
  2. Ta en bakpappersklädd plåt och bred ut 3 till 4 pavlovas rundeller – forsök att få lite höjd på dem.
  3. Grädda mitt i ugnen i ca 40-45 minuter – därefter sätter du plåten lite högre i ugnen och gräddar några minuter på 180 grader så att dina pavlovas får en fin gyllene färg. (Passa på – ni ser kanske att jag själv glömde ut mina lite för länge på slutet).
  4. Medan dina pavlovas gräddas gör du frostingen genom att följa mitt enkla recept.
  5. Slå ugnen av och öppna ugnsdörren på glänt – och låt dina pavlovas bli stående i ugnen för att avkylas.
  6. Ta dem ut och njut dina fina bakverk med ögnonen.
  7. Servera godbitarna med cream cheese frosting och färska bär (eller frukt).

Dig in & enjoy!