Crochet chunky granny square stool cover

crochet chunky stool cover stoltrekk mormorsrutor bestemorruter

My dear son came home from school the other day with two very nice and well-made wooden stools he had created. I just adore the smell of wood and like the stools as they are, but could of course not resist to try crochet a stool cover with some of the chunky recycled yarn I bought on sale online.

Dream team handmade work – my sons wooden stool and my crochet stool cover ala granny square – what do you think?crochet stool cover granny square seating stoltrekk sittdyna överdrag

So this became the very first granny square I have ever made (they are mandatory to learn in the crochet world), and a pretty big and chunky one too, but oh what a cool and refreshing colour spot in our little home now..  I’m sure that pretty soon another stool in our home will be covered…

handmade stool cover crochet

The yarn I used is called Luxus Macaroni and have a thick, “rounded” and stretchy quality made of surplus fabrics from the fashion industry and covered with tube yarn.. a pleasure to work with using a 12mm crochet hook.

Due to the yarn/hook size it only took a couple of hours/afternoon to crochet the giant granny square. I added an extra edge downwards to go around the seating edge, and used a big wool needle to simply sew an elastic band inside the edge just to keep the cover in place. Quick and easy even if it is my first time for everything in this.

Working on it…  


One of my personal product testers looks pretty satisfied with final the dream team product: the colour matching the white fur pretty well, soft to lie/sit on and can resist a scratch or two.. but maybe not three… 😀crochet stool cover granny square devon rex cat



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