Hunting License study

Feels awesome to finally get started on my way to the exam in licence to hunt. Ever since I completed wildlife biology at Umeå University, where I met a lot of active hunters (and also visited Jägerförbundet), I decided to get the license myself.  

The most important advice I got from them was to take the long way.. not the super expensive 3-days speed version license.  And due to my respect for animals, nature and weapon I totally agree on that – and will enjoy an in-depth learning progress and, hopefully, do my exam during spring 2018. I’m in no hurry.

svalbard travel rifle lisence protection photographing norway
I met another photographer on Svalbard that had his own weapon for safety, and I was invited to come along with him to go outside the city limits and find new cool stuff and places to shoot with our cameras – safely.

However, I am not sure I will ever have a heart to “shoot Bambi” – but I grew up with people around me doing grouse hunting, so it feels most naturally for me to aim for that.  Here are some (in my opinionadvantages with a hunters licence:

  • If I need to I am able to take home clean meat for dinner. I do not eat much meat, but when I do I prefer meat from animals that have spent a good life in nature (like moose and deer) rather than a bred animal with a life in total captivity and stress/fear from the slaughterhouse
  • I can visit Svalbard again and be more independent whenever I want to go outside the city limits (without having to pay for an expensive guide) and instead hire a proper gun to protect myself just in case (you know.. polar bears).
  • Another great reason to spend time with my dog outdoors in the mountains!
  • And of course learn a lot more about the management of wild animals, nature resources and humans, a comprehensive subject of increasing importance these days if you ask for my opinion.
  • …did I forget anything? please add!



sweden winter landscape örnsköldsvik stor åskasjön bredbyn lapphund foto liss myrås
This weekend the winter came to visit us up here in Northern Sweden, and I and Jenta went up to hike around Stor-Åskasjön again. Hopefully she will one day follow me to hunt grouse, as I am pretty sure she would like to use her hunting instinct.

Updates will follow….

2 thoughts on “Hunting License study

    1. Hej Katta och tack så mycket, Jenta är ju en alldeles strålande fotomodell! Hon blir på spinn när vi träffar fåglar i skogen.. verkar nog ha arvt Muffys fågeldilla, blir spännande å se framåt 😀


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