Via Ferrata Sweden

Today I finally visited Europa’s biggest Via Ferrata centre. It is actually in my “neighbourhood” so to speak, but I have been living in the area for almost a year just “waiting for a suitable day” – well, I guess it is too easy to think that what’s in your backyard can wait. So wait no more.

Yes..there are some parts that need a lil’ bit of thinking ..well, if you want to handle it with some kind of dignity tha..ha..ha  

This spring/summer I have spent 3 months back in Norway mostly to work, but managed to do a quick family visit and also squeezed in time to hike, climb and bicycle – of course. I also visited 2 Via Ferrata centers in Norway (Via Ferrata Loen and the new Romsdalsstigen), so I will try to update my blog about that and all my outdoor adventures as soon as I am back in my daily routines again, as right now everything seems to happen at once 😉

So then my latest activity back in Sweden again is todays Via Ferrata climb at Höga Kusten (High Coast) – and the red route was far better I actually expected, nicely varied and exposed. And if you have never done via ferrata solo, you will (as I did today) have to find your own way to get pass cruxes without any encouragement from others. My fear of heights was present at times indeed, but I managed to control it pretty fine thank’s to frequent height exposures back home in Norway.

Resting point not far from the top cabin  

Don’t forget to stop now and then.. and just take in some awesome moments and views..

If you choose to do the red route I would recommend to rent Via Ferrara-shoes from the center, you would be glad you did at some parts of the route (at least I was)


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