My cosy little farm in Northern Sweden

So I finally did it. I have moved… (ahem ..yes, again).. but this time to the northern part of Sweden. People have various reasons why they move, but for me it was a combination of too expensive living costs in town, the increasing criminality and of course…an old dream of having my very own little farm/croft on the country side.

Glittering morning-glory in our yard after a light blizzard night

So I sold my caravan home and worked my ass off in Norway so I could afford to buy a new home for me and my son who needs extra care. It had to be in the northern parts of Sweden on the rural country side where properties can be pretty cheap. It is of course sad to move from friends and family once again – but it also feels good not to “reside myself to death” as many do living in towns like hamsters in shoe boxes at big expenses.

Having the fortune to bring my work with me, not being afraid of changes/challenges and a hope that my dear son would recover better being closer to nature and outdoor activities made our move possible. We both needed a “new start”, and are now in place at the farm. Time will tell for how long we will stay here. My biggest wish is still to move closer to the Norwegian border since I work seasonal there, but also to feel closer to ..home… (yes, I’m always longing for Norway, my homeland), but our current cosy lil’ farm will certainly do for now.

I don’t need to go to a shooting range – now I can practice on my own property.. 

You can’t be lazy when you have an old farm. There is always something to do, to fix, to prevent, to install, to plan, to learn, to renovate – but one thing at a time, that’s for sure. To keep warm is important, so for winter we have piled big loads of wood, and now I run up and down the basement stairs all the time to keep the wood pan (and myself) hot ..ha..ha. I also had a pro to install a heat pump to supplement the wood heating system. Another “heating source” is a lot of manual snow shoveling, that also keeps us warm and sweaty…great exercise!

It is beautiful here during winter when the newly fallen snow fluffs up the landscape views – this is my chicken housesweden north old farm land chicken house torp gard photo liss myraas

Count on trouble now and then. When the cloak pipes clogged (and unidentified objects popped up in my basement) I had to call in a professional to camera check the pipes and to do a flush out times like that you sure appreciate simple things as a well working pipe system more than anything! And also the chimney needs to be checked frequently for safe wood burning …  so I have learned to always hire a professional, they do the job on time and they do it well! Small things you can learn to solve your self, but leave the serious stuff to serious people..

We all like beautiful and colorful sunsets, up here they can be real gorgeous, and aurora borealis shows up now and then here too.. I can see it from my kitchen window 

In addition to the main house the farm also have an old turkey(chicken?) house, a horse shelter and a garage/stable, so it is fully possible to have horses, chickens etc here. I have spotted some red foxes snooping around my property at night .. so the settings for a classic chicken house drama is perfect wouldn’t you say? 😉

The property have more than 2 hectares of farm land to exploit, but for now I’m just playing with ideas of what to do with the land and the farm buildings … if you may have some ideas/suggestions too – let me know!!

Looking very much forward to write more about me and my son’s life up here in northern Sweden – so stay tuned folks!




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