Norway Highlights – Hiking and Biking Lofoten

I invite you to have a quick glimpse and perhaps find travel inspiration from these awesome moments extracted from hiking and bicycling in Lofoten this summer (including the Norddal area where I worked).  Later I will post more information for everyone that are interested in visiting these godsmacking areascuz, who the heck aren’t???

Norway solo travel hiking biking nature landscape quote photography liss myraas


As you can see…it’s not nature alone that create moments and memories when I travel – it is also in meeting people for short or longer moments during a journey…. especially when I travel solo and without any expectations whatsoever – yeah, that’s when magic moments are created! 

Have a look my dear readers:


8 thoughts on “Norway Highlights – Hiking and Biking Lofoten

  1. Fantastiske områder: Lofoten og Norddal, Liss. Jeg har kun set billeder af Norddal, men nu har jeg været på cykel og båd tur, det var dejligt!!


    1. så sant så Hanna… skal legge ut flere bilder av Lofoten etter hvert….sykkel- og båttur i Danmark høres riktig herlig ut du, hører at du nyter sommeren i fulle drag Hanna 🙂

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