Norway Bike Hike (Part 3): Sognefjellsvegen and Krossbu

Bicycling along Sognefjellsvegen Route 55 was nothing less but spectacular! If I had stopped for everything I considered “picturesk” – I would still be up there!

Norway jotunheimen hike bike tour adventure landscape photoliss myraas


So, after a couple of days in wonderful Lom I packed up my tent, saddled my bicycle and continued towards Sognefjellet. In glittering sunshine I started on the famous Sognefjellsvegen road ((National Tourist Route)) wich eventually would lead me up the highest mountain pass road in Norway and Northern Europe.


View of the mighty peak of Store Smørstabbtinden ((7,244 ft)) from the glacier pond – I was up there somewhere having lunch while enjoying a spectacular mountain scenery

Store smorstabbtinden krossbu glacier sand jotunheimen photo liss myras


Needless to say that most of the road up to Krossbu was mostly ascending. My key was to take short breaks whenever I found a beautiful view spot (happened a lot), drink lots of water in the heat and take pics. And of course this road through Jotunheimen mountain world  was stuffed with awesome landscapes – all the time – exhausting..ha..ha..

About 1700 m.a.s.l on an “plateu” near Leirvatnet – just look at this fabulous view towards the famous Hurrungane (incl Skagastølstindane, Styggedalstindane, Dyrhaugstindane, Maradalstindane, Austanbottstindane, Soleibotntindane)Smorstabbreen Krossbu Sognefjellet Jotunheimen Norway landscape photo liss myras


Arriving Krossbu (1267 masl) I realized I was in paradise – and quickly decided to stay a couple of nights, because here you will have direct access to great hiking trails, clacier courses and climb a bunch of mountain peaks above 2000 masl. 

They also have a nice camper place both for tenting and caravan’s, but I wanted to dry my tent again and got a very simple “on budget” private room in the old “side annex”. I really appreciated the cosy old-fashioned style and nice mood at this mountain station, good nourishing breakfast, the helpful and friendly staff and visitors.

One of my highlights on this bike tour for sure!

On my way down again I took the path along the glacier pond, much easier.  So make sure you actually follow the river upwards if you are heading for Store Smørstabbtinden – I took the hard way up.. ouch!   

Smorstabbreen glacier Krossbu Sognefjellet Jotunheimen Norway landscape photo liss myras selfie


I had a “lonesome wolf” day where I hiked up to about 1800 meters on Store Smørstabbtinden. Up there I decided not to go all the way (2203 m.a.s.l) to the top because of strong gust of winds.. not alone… and then walked along the arm lake of Leirbrean (a glacier arm of Smørstabbreen which the largest glacier in Jotunheimen) on my way down. It is one of the most peaceful days I ever had, only interrupted/bombed with awesome views.

Having a nice view towards the road I would continue bicycle on to cross the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe. Imaging sitting here again just listening to the flowing river again. (Krossbu mountain station is placed right below that serpentine road here.)  

visit norway Krossbu Sognefjellet Sonefjellsvegen hiking national bicycle tour landscape photo liss myras


After a decent brandy with my new mountain fellows I next morning had to say good-bye and saddle up to cross Sognefjellet. I knew some light rain and hard gust of winds was waiting that day, but the sun can’t shine every day!

The narrow road combined with hard unexpected gust of winds from the sides was a bit too exciting when cars where passing, but a moderate biking tempo and well-balanced packing got me through the day up there! I think I like a bit rough weather now and then – after all, I am a Norwegian viking ..moaha..ha! 😉

Crossing Sognefjellet mountain – a bit grey and wind-blown weather that day for sure…but not at all boring! Recognize this view?

Norway bike trip travel adventure sognefjellet mountain photo liss myraas



And as always … the good thing you always keep in mind when you’re up there tramping the pedals upwards…. soon enough you will get the chance to roll downwards again – big time! Now I just have 1 more post to go about this bike tour for you – cuz new adventures are already on – so stay tuned my dear readers!  🙂 

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